Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday in Poznan- A full day.

Sunday morning was another great day in Poznan. These are a part of the members of the Branch. There were around 30 in attendance today and more great lessons, talks and meetings.
It started off with missionary coordination meeting at 10am. The missionaries are reviewing investigators with the Branch President and discussing things that could assist in the work such as: Member lessons, visiting teaching and home teaching ideas. Many important things were planned that will help the branch grow and help everyone.

Marzena (a recent convert) was in playing prelude music as members and investigators arrived for Sacrament Meeting.
Members who were sustained and set apart today were- Grzegorz (Exective Secretary) Sister Healy (Relief Society President) Brother Healy (Elders Quorum President) and Malgorzata (Activities Chairperson).
Marta gave a wonderful lesson in Sunday School on the 13th Article of Faith. It was well prepared and presented very nicely. Thank you Marta for always being prepared and having a wonderful smile.

One of the big blessings in coming to Poznan is to hear the music. Sister Sheahan was a professional vocalist before serving as a missionary. She is incredible. Elder Rogers is just about as good on the piano. Both were wonderful. It was extremely touchingand brought a strong spirit to sacrament meeting. Thank you for sharing your talents.

Waiting for their chance to show their talents (some day- and perhaps not in Sacrament meeting) are Elder Buckner and Sister Leppanen. They are good sports who just had to get their pictures on the blog. We love them just as much and for the talents they have as well.

As a Senior Missionary, Sister Richards has done about everything in the Mission. This proves it. She is also a Substitute Nursery Coordinator. This is just before the door closed and things went from quiet to....a little more active! Thank you, Sister Richards, for serving so well in everything you are asked to do.

The Young Womens Class in Poznan is growing! Natalie, Lydia and Anja. This class is bi-lingual with the help of Marta and Sister Sheahan.

Sister Leppanean and Sheahan with 2 of their wonderful Investigators, Alicja and Lydia.

Bozena (a great member of the Poznan Branch) and Regina. Regina's son, Wiktor, will soon be receiving a mission call. He will be leaving from his University Ward at BYU Idaho. We will you keep you posted on where the Lord will call him to serve!

The Ballentyne family...minus the Mom who is visiting relatives in the Ukraine. This American family will soon be leaving to return to the states. They will be missed! But...the Lord always provides...

The Healy family from Alaska and California have recently moved into the Branch. They have two energic sons, Richard and Max, and a third on the way. They will assist in many ways in this Branch. They were called to two important callings and will serve wonderfully. They are a great addition to the Poznan Branch...and they speak Polish!

Our missionary group. Today after the 3-hour block of meetings, members stayed and the new Chapel was dedicated for worship. It was a great day and this is a wonderful place for this special Branch to meet. The hand of the Lord is in the work in Poznan.
This is a great group of missionaries. They serve together well and they are full of energy. Great things will continue to happen in Poznan. A special 'Thank You' to Elder Richards, the Branch President, who is helping to organize this growing Branch.

Its back to Warsaw on a Sunday night. Back into the traffic and all the road construction. But after a weekend like this- it was well worth any effort. In fact the drive home was really quite enjoyable as we thought of the blessings that we witness all around us. We love the Church, the Poznan Saints, missionaries and the privilege of serving here and now.
We love the Richards. Who would have thought years ago when the Richards moved into the Fort Apache ward, of the Las Vegas Lakes Stake, that one day all four of us would be standing in front of the new Poznan Branch Chapel. In this Church, anything is possible. This is just fun and great to be a part of. This is a blessing of a life time to be in Poland!!!


  1. Thank you so much for posting these photographs. I served in Poznan in the summer of 2005 when Bozena was baptised, seeing the branch, and especially Bozena has made my day.

  2. Here are "4" of my most favorite people that I have come to admire and look up to since moving to Poland....they are each wonderful individuals, leaders and families! What a blessing to serve with and get to know them here in Poland!


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