Saturday, November 12, 2011

MORE Great things keep happening in Katowice!!!

Two more baptisms AND a new Branch Presidency are bringing a lot of great changes to the Branch in Katowice.
Robert was baptized by Adrian. Here they are shown with Elder Jensen and one of our newest missionaries who just arrived last week, Elder Van Bakel.

Adam was baptized by Rafal. Elder Seibert and newly transferred Elder Klosowiak are also pictured.
On Sunday, the Branch Presidency was reorganized.
(L to R): Grzegorz (Clerk), Marek (1st Counselor), Elder McGrath (Branch President), Adrian (2nd Counselor), and Rafal (Executive Secretary). Brethren growing in the priesthood and in leadership. This is a tremendous thing to watch. This branch is being taken over by active Polish Melchizedek Priesthood men who are leading and accomplishing great things.

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