Thursday, November 10, 2011

Trainers and Trainees head out to their assigned cities!

It's finally here! Today is the day we 'push' our new Missionaries out of the 'nest' and into the real world. Gathering for a quick breakfast before loading everyone up, everyone is excited. It's 6:45 am, and I had counted on 12 for breakfast but 23 showed up. (There was plenty of food...another miracle in my life!) There are even a few missionaries missing from this picture who were still loading our hard-working great Assistants!

Ready to drive to the train station to travel to their assigned cities are: Sisters Marshall and Forsey (Katowice); Sisters Leppanen and Sheahan (Poznan); Elders Hayes and Hooker (Wroclaw); and Elders Jensen and Van Bakel (Katowice).

We will see all these great missionaries again next week at the Katowice Zone Conference.

Here are some familiar faces....Elders Nielson, Eastman and Garrett! They are traveling to the States tomorrow....but where are they going with President? Stay tuned! It must be cool....look at the smiles on their faces!
Anyone looking for our last two Trainees, Elders Walter and Dopp, assigned to Warsaw?
All cars were full, so Elder Murphey and Elder Myler are trying to figure out how to get them and all the luggage to thier apartments in Warsaw. It could be tricky! But between buses, tramwajs and the metro line they are sure to make it!

A very busy 3 days....and it's not over yet! Missionaries returning home are arriving at the Mission Home in a few hours. There is bedding to be changed, (lots) of laundry to do and meals to prepare! I better get going! We head out for 8 days for Zone Conferences and I don't want to come home to this. Still....i love my missionaries and this church!


  1. We are so excited to see and talk to my brother, Elder Eastman, tomorrow (I mean today)!! Thanks for taking such great care of him.

  2. Thanks for looking after our Elder Hayes from Newport in Wales. Im sure he will make a great missionary.


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