Sunday, November 13, 2011

Wonderful things happening in the Bydgoszcz Branch!

Coming into the Bydgoszcz Branch Sunday morning we are met by these great men...

The Bydgoszcz Branch Presidency: Jerzy, President Isaac and Leszek.

The Skurzynski family is there bright and early....there is an exciting event happening in their family today!

Conrad is 12 years old today...Sto Lat!...and received the Aaronic Priesthood. He was ordained by his father to the office of a deacon today in Priesthood meeting.

It was a special day for Renata (shown with her son, Adam). Renata was interviewed for a temple recommend and will be going to the temple in December.

It was a special day for another great family...the Wencels! Adam was given a name and a blessing today by his father, Andrzej.
This is the Gospel Essentials class where the basic teachings of the gospel are taught. It is for new members and investigators attend. Artur did a great job teaching about the gathering of Israel.

Primary! The children love Renata. She does a great job teaching them about Jesus, how we are all children of our Heavenly Father and that they love us. This a wonderful group of children.

Ewa is in the nursery teaching our youngest members (18 months to 3 years) about their Heavenly Father and the principles of the Gospel. Ewa can do anything! She is the best.

Oskar is 18 years old, and he does a wonderful job teaching the 3 deacon aged boys in the Branch. You are looking at 4 potential Missionaries right now!

In Relief Society, Ewa (center)gave a lesson on our Post Earthly Life...the Spirit world (Lesson 41 Gospel Principles). Because Alicja (holding baby) was gone tending to Adam, Jasmin (far right) and I had our own private lesson in the corner on the same subject. Jasmin is an investigator with a great spirit.

The Zalewski family....another great family in the Bydgoszcz Branch. Oliwia was no where to be found.....I will catch her next time!

And of course, our hard-working Bydgoszcz Elders...Elders Ball, Vreeken, Lundin and Tanner. They are teaching those that want to know the truth about the gospel in Bydgoszcz. Elders Ball and Vreeken were introduced at Church today and welcomed into the Branch.
This was our destination. The bridge by the Opera House in downtown Bydgoszcz.
This was what we were planning to leave behind. (A big THANK YOU to a certain YSA from Warsaw who shall remain nameless who helped us find someone to engrave a lock) Our lock was engraved with "Stan & Judi" and "1976 - Eternity" and we will leave it behind, locked on the bridge.

This bridge is home to hundreds of locks that are engraved with couples names on them and the date of their marriage.

This looks like a perfect spot to me! We want to blend in with the crowd.

We hope we can remember where we locked it on the bridge the next time we visit Bydgoszcz.
Say goodbye to the keys...
They're off into the cold water below. So our lock is on the bridge and we have a great memory in Bydgoszcz (along with the hundreds of other wonderful memories and things about these great people, members and this branch). We love the Church here and all the good things these members are doing.

Tomorrow we start Zone Conferences and I have the first 30 minutes.....I better get on it.

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  1. So, what you're saying is that nothing much is happening in Bydgoszcz.

    This post made me teary. I LOVE THESE PEOPLE! I'm so happy to see Konrad and his dad. How exciting for their family. Any Alicja and her baby. And President Izaak. And Oskar teaching Deacons. I just love it all!!


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