Sunday, November 6, 2011

Katowice District Conference November 5-6th

Starting Saturday afternoon, we were able to attend the Katowice District Conference. It was truly amazing to see all the saints gathering this weekend in this District to be instructed and edified by their priesthood and relief society leaders. Above: The Katowice District Presidency. (L to R): Brother Zan (District Clerk), Andrzej Kucia (1st Counselor), President Pawlik, President Krykawski (2nd Counselor), Elder Jensen (District Council).
Attending the conference were our great Branch Presidents of the Katowice District: (L ro R) President Najberg(Kielce), President Dzubla (Krakow), President Cielenski (Wroclaw) and Elder McGrath (Katowice). We appreciate all the hard work and long hours these good men put in to further the kingdom in their branches.
While the men were holding a Priesthood Leadership Meeting, the women of the Relief Society gathered for a leadership meeting of their own. The need to be unified and to do our Visiting Teaching were the main themes. Besides receiving some great instruction, we were edified by a wonderful slide presentation (thank you, Gosia!) that brought the spirit quickly into the meeting, a 'reader's theater' on the kind of Visiting Teacher we should be and a real-life demonstration on "HOW to Visit Teach" one another. It was a great meeting. I love these Sisters!
Waiting for the Adult meeting to start, Sister Malinowska (Wroclaw) and Krystyna (Katowice) keep Isaac Jagard entertained!
We had a great 'Buki Break' between meetings that was enjoyed by all. Andrzej (Krakow), Gosia (Katowice) and Adam (Wroclaw) take some time out to visit and catch up on what's happening in their lives.
Karol (Kielce) and Cindy (Wroclaw) in the YSA Center trying thier hand at 'Fooseball'....this was a very popular place to be! Karol is one of the great new members of the Church. He is looking forward to serving a mission next year. A want to personally thank Cindy for being my translator for the weekend. This young woman did a fabulous job!

More visiting between meetings: Sister Marshall, Barbara (Wroclaw), Sister Folsom and Marta. Below us...Marek, Wojczek and Adam.

On P-Days, Sisters Marshall and Folsom (serving in Katowice) visit the mother of one of our members and are learning how to do needlework. This sweet 82 year old sister patiently works with our young sisters to teach them a skill that was taught to her by HER grandmother! I see some family Christmas gifts in the works!
By the end of the night, these three were ready to go back to the hotel to go to bed.....even if they had to get there themselves! Luckily, Spencer, Ania and Isaac's parents came to their rescue! Don't worry, they will be back tomorrow morning...full of energy!

Sunday Morning..ready for District Conference. We got to the chapel early, because there was much to do. It was going to be a great day....we could just feel it!

As is our tradition, all members who have been baptized since the last District Conference receive a special corsage to welcome them (next photo). It also lets the other members know that these people are new and to make a special effort to go and meet them. Here I am pinning on our first corsage of the day....Tadeusz! Tadeusz is a wonderful member in Katowice.

Almost ALL the converts in the Katowice District since last conference were able to be in attendance today. It was really exciting to see these new members mingle with the other saints in Poland. Their testimonies bring much strength to the church here. Thank you ALL for making the special effort to be here, AND thank you for all you add to your branches. WE LOVE YOU! Top Row:

(L to R) Patrik, Rafal, Tadeusz (all from Katowice), Karol (Kielce), Adrian, Arek (both from Katowice). Middle Row: Dominika (Katowice), Barbara, Jolanta (both from Wroclaw). Front Row: Daria, Wiktoria, Weronika (all from Wroclaw) and Julia (Krakow). Not shown but was in Attendance: Jolanta (Krakow).

I was also able to catch these sisters practicing for their musical number that would be presented during the meeting: Sister Folsom (piano); Sister Marshall, Gosia, Wiktoria, Dorota and Sister Jensen. It was beautiful, by the way! Thank you, Sisters, for sharing your talent!

We had many investigators at the Conference including Adam who is being baptized this month. Here he shown with Elders Siebert and Davis (serving in Katowice) who are teaching him. Another great individual that will add to the spirit of this great branch.

We were excited to see so many members and investigators coming from Krakow! Top Row: Elder Klosowiak, President Dzubla, Elder Kalinowski. Middle Row: Teresa, Barbara, Andrzej and Jan. Front Row: Julia and Oskar.

But wait! Pawel, Hania and Tybek are also from Krakow.....and Pawel is a professional knight! Now, that's a cool job! It was great to see Pawel again and to meet his wife and son. A great family!

(Part) of the Zan family. This couple and their 3 boys are from Wroclaw and add so much to the branch there. Sister Zan gave a great talk today on the blessings of serving in the church. She and her husband lead by example. She is the branch Relief Society President, and Bro. Zan is the District Secretary and assists the branch president with finances. Thank you for all you do!

You can't have a blog entry about Katowice without these three guys in it! Patryk, Arek (brothers) and Adrian are all at the 'hub' of the YSA program there. They are great about bringing investigators to everything.....even the meeting today!

Barbara (who has been called to work with the Young Women) and Jolanta (who teaches the 'Gospel Principles' class) are both from Wroclaw. These two new converts have already learned the joy of serving in the church! (and the blessings it can bring!). What a blessing they are to the Wroclaw branch.

Dorota (Katowice) and Teresa (Krakow) catch up with each other. Thank you, Teresa, for the great chocolate! It was wonderful and so thoughtful of you! Dorota is the YSA Representative for the Katowice District and does a great job planning and carrying out activities.

What are the Jagard's doing in Katowice? Both were speaking at District Conference this weekend! Both of these great members are former Poland Warsaw Missionaries. Both continue to serve in this great country as the Young Women's President in Warsaw I and in the Mission Presidency. Thank you for all you do.

The Pawlik family is growing up! District President Pawlik and his wife, Lisa, serve so faithfully. Many are blessed by their efforts. Ewi and David also did a great job helping with all the younger kids that were there at the conference. Poland is truly blessed by the Pawlik family.

These three great men received the Melchizedek Priesthood and were ordained Elders. Adam (Wroclaw), Adrian and Rafal (Katowice) are great men who will do nothing but strengthen the Church. It was so wonderful to see them stand at conference and be sustained in this great action.

Sister Jensen (serving in Wroclaw) is always willing to share her talent. As interviews and setting aparts were going on after the Conference ended, an 'instant choir' formed and these 'angels' enjoyed singing together! (L toR): Dorota, Cindy, Ewi, Cynthia, Weronika.

As we were catching our train back to Warsaw on the next track over were brethren heading back to their cities. Karol, Elders Hancock and Gudnason along with Presiden Najberg were traveling back to Kielce. Also Pawel was heading home. There was a great exitement at the train station with members seeing each other off.
We are on the way home. A great Katowice District conference. There were 98 in attendance. There weren't any empty seats in the chapel. What a great time had by all. This was one of the best meetings we have been to. The Church is growing and wonderful people are joining and becoming involved in the gospel. A special thanks to Elder and Sister McGrath who helped in so many ways.

Here we join the Assistants and the Jagards in boarding the train and heading home to Warsaw.

Now to get ready for arriving missionaries, then Transfer Week, followed by Zone Leader Council. Next week we are on the road for Zone Conferences. This is a GREAT LIFE. I hope I make it! :))


  1. Great documentation!! Thanks for this. It really was a fantastic conference. There has been a stronger sense of peace and happiness in our family as a result of the spirit felt at these meetings than we've experienced in a long time. Thanks to you and President Nielson for your contributions!!

  2. This is amazing! I found this blog through Lisa Pawlik's post on Facebook and it made my day. Keep posting and I will share this blog with other Poland rm's. I see a handful of members that I recognize and love.

  3. You have just blessed my life in a profound way! I truly needed this. I'm so happy to see the progress and growth in Poland. Poland is lucky to have you, thanks for all you are doing.


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