Monday, June 28, 2010

MTC visitors before we depart

Elder Neil L Anderson was nice enough to stand in with Todd (Stan's nephew) and Penni Pickett and their daughters Nichole, Kristine and Zoe. They came one of the days where most of the Brethren were here and security was rather tight. We're so glad they made the effort to visit us.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Last Day of the Seminar

While we were at the MTC, we were able to meet the 9 Elders and 2 Sisters assigned to the Poland Warsaw Mission.
Standing from L to R: Elder Oborn from No. Ogden, Utah; Elder Ball from Lindon, Utah;
Elder Hillyard from Lindon, Utah; Elder Murphy from Spokane Valley, Washington; Elder Sheridan from Harrisville, Utah; Elder Lundin from Lake Havasu City, Arizona; Elder Kennedy from Port Matilda, Pennsylvania; with Sister Allen from Las Vegas, Nevada; and Sister Bailey from Mantua, Utah. Kneeling from L to R: Elder Curtis from Salt Lake City, Utah; and Elder Kalinowski from Brentwood, California.
GREAT GROUP!!!!! We are so excited to have them join us in Poland on August 23rd.

New Mission Presidents Seminar

The Larkins are heading to Seattle Washington and we're off to Warsaw.
Stan's former Seminary Teacher at Westwood High School in Mesa, Arizona, Elder Jay E. Jensen, found him to congratulate us. Wow. Stan was afraid he would remember just how terrible he was in his class. Elder Jensen was so nice to us.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

JUNE 24, 2010 Day One of the New Mission Presidents Seminar

What a great way to start out. President Eyring spoke to us in our first meeting. It was everything you can imagine. Elders Nelson, Oaks, Scott, Holland, Cook and Christofferson in attendance. Another 15 members of the Seventy were with us. Elders Walker and Rasband had lunch with us and the Larkins. The Brethren introduced to us major changes for all missions. Everything we had heard about the seminar has lived up to its energy and excitement. We have met so many terrific mission presidents and their wives, many will be dear friends forever. (We will have pictures tomorrow-)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The wonderful day we were set apart.

Elder Russell M. Nelson, accompanied by Elder Kevin W. Pearson, set Stan and I apart as Mission President and full-time missionary in the Poland Warsaw Mission.
All of our children and grandson Ty were able to join us in being set apart. This was a wonderful occasion.
After our setting apart, Elder Nelson was so kind to our grandson, Ty. He told Ty that he loved him and to always remember that.

The family, on a beautiful Tuesday morning, just before we went in to visit with Elder Nelson in the Church Office Building.
Ty is the oldest grandchild (age 6) and he was with us on this special day.
A GREAT BIG THANKS TO TY & SARAH BENNETT (Scott's brother and sister in-law) and JILL GULBRANDSEN (Scott's sister) for babysitting the crew while the parents attended the setting apart.
This was just another great event for our family today. As we stood in front of this sign and had these pictures taken, the traffic on 900 East waved and cheered for us. This is our family.
This says it all...
The Scott and Devin Bennett family.
The Willis and Avery Nielson family.
 Darik and Emily's family.
After being set apart, it feels a little different standing in front of this sign.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Three Generations- see us in Three Years

This is it. Everything is packed, its all gone. Lets just get in the car and go. Did you remember our passports?
Stan, Darik, Ty. Wonder if Ty grows a foot while we're gone.
Grandpa with Zach and Willis. This little guy is growing so fast.
Grandpa with Dax and Scott. Devin's husband and little boy. They will be moving into our house while we are gone.

Today we leave Las Vegas... Poland We Are So Excited.

President Jeff Parker (Las Vegas Red Rock stake) and Lisa. Jeff is Judi's favorite brother (and only brother). These two have brought a joy and peace into our lives that is wonderful.
Angie Westmoreland, whom we greatly appreciate. She has been a friend of the family for many years and is family.
Office Staff at Sunburst Shutters Las Vegas. Leah Bond(R) and Angie Westmoreland(L). We are in great shape with these two watching things.
Saying Goodbye to Lynn Mundt, Gwen & Chris Hilbus, Cathy & Ed Torrance, Dave & Pam Oka. Chris and Dave were counselors together to Stan when he was bishop. Ed was the eternal Scoutmaster and YM leaders for 28 years. Fort Apache ward strength.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Last of the Last. Sunday was a very busy night.

David and Becky Fife, their children Suzanne, Jackson, Katie, Emily, Ben and Mollie. David was our Bishop, Becky was Judi's Visiting Teacher and Stan was their Home Teacher. They can do it all.
President Mont Ringer and his wife Melinda. President Kurt Teshima and his wife Gaylene. Stan served with President Teshima for 8 years in the past stake presidency. Stan met Mont Ringer the first day we moved to Las Vegas back in 1989. These are great people. We are very blessed to have crossed paths with them.
Dix and Kaleen Jarman with their twins boys, Riley and Cooper. The Jarman's have been our friends from day one in Las Vegas. Dix was our boys' Young Men leader. He is also Stan's business partner and will help with many things while we are gone. THANK YOU!!
President Brent Phillips, Las Vegas South Stake. He called Stan to be a counselor in the bishopric 20 years ago this past week. It changed his life. Brent is a dear friend and one of great friends that came out of the Fort Apache ward.
Bill and Roselle Palmer. Syd and Susan James. These were great counselors to Stan when he served as Bishop. They not only worked hard but had tons of fun. Good years...
The goodbyes to the great people of Sunburst Shutters Corporate. John Barnes (marketing) Helen Mayan (keeps SSLV in line), Tracy Petitt (who really watches out for us) Kathy Aceveda, Kurt Taylor (CFO). These are just great people to work with.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Stake Social for Larkins and Nielsons 6/12/10

Bishop Paul and Maureen Clayton.
President Jeff Parker, Scott Bennett and our grandson, Dax.
Tom and Linda Ross, Vince and Nancy Landvatter and Jackie Cannon- cousins. Thank you for traveling to see us.
Nola Harber, Kimber Hughes (our neice) and Aunt Lisa (Parker)
Bishop Chris Hilbus and his wife Gwen.
Our stake president and his wife. President Kurt K. Teshima and Gaylene.

A couple of guys in for a free party.
The Tanner family- Leesee, President Tanner (first temple president of the Las Vegas temple) Karen (who always takes care of us) and Vivie Biddle.
The Raul Fernandez family
Bishop David and Becky Fife.
Our Stake Patriarch, Bruce Bennion and his wife, Peggy.

Pam Littlejohn and David and Lynn Mundt
Annette and Andrew Larsen
A HUGE thank you to the members of the Lakes Stake for a wonderful evening... especially the Stake Presidency for all the work in doing this.

Monday, June 14, 2010

MOVING DAY- REALITY CHECK- We are really going!

The truck showed up and it seemed like an awfully big truck for carrying just three crates. Are you sure all of our things can be crammed into three crates?
We started at 10am, the movers said they would be here at 8am. Was this how the day was going to go???
"Hey why does this guy have so many white shirts and suits?"
"Now look, no messing around- that goes for everyone!"
 This is one of the rooms. To the right is our 3 year supply of "zip lock bags"
Everything had to itemized. Even though we boxed it, they needed to repack it and write down what they saw.
These guys were really great to work with. The three of them were helpful and fast.
This is the group we really wanted to take. As we packed, the grandchildren swam and played.
Our dear friend, Chonie Marshall came and brought a much needed "Slurpee". She and Judi supervised and finally it was completed.
We finished by 4pm and we did get everything into our "handcarts". During the weeks prior we became friends with all the DI workers and have lots of donations slips. It's now nice to have the last 7 days in our home without piles and boxes everywhere. Hopefully in 4 weeks we will meet up with these 3 crates again.