Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Called To Serve (when I have grown a foot or two)

Our oldest grandchild, Ty 6, was out with Grandma one day. He said to Judi, "You know Grandma, what I really want is a "Missionary Suit". It took her two minutes to make that happen. It is amazing what a mission call does for a family. We witnessed it when we sent out sons into the mission field and now the shoe is on the other foot. Our children have the chance to send us out and witness the blessings that come with that. We are grateful for the support of our children. We couldn't do this without them. Our grandchildren really don't understand what "going on a mission" is but they are growing up with the pattern of "this is what you do" and one day this is what I want to do. Our calling has blessed our lives in many ways and each day we see how the Lord is watching over our family. This picture represents a tradition that started with our great grandparents and will carry on.

Behind The Walls of the MTC

Siostra Nielson studying hard. We went to the MTC every 3 weeks for 3-4 day visits. Classes were all day. We wish all members had the opportunity to "visit" the MTC. It is inspiring!!

Here we go... We are so excited about this calling.
What a great privilege & opportunity it is to serve. Come join us!!!

President Nielson diligently 'studying' HIS Polish!

Mike Kuhle and Alyson Thacker. Both wonderful instructors and terrific individuals. They made the long hours in the MTC something to look forward to. (They eventually got married!)

Mike Kuhle and Cory Boyack (A former Polish Missionary, 'guest'-tutor and friend!

President Max & Sister Lynne Pinegar-
Stan's mission president in the Netherlands Amsterdam Mission

Thursday, April 15, 2010

MTC visit


Mission Call