Saturday, September 25, 2010

Senior Missionary Conference

It's time for our Senior Missionary conference! Our couples came in from all over Poland to attend. Here we are gathering at the Wolska Chapel for a Welcome and Orientation. L to R: Sisters Briggs, Galbraith, Marshall, Austin; Elder and Sister Harding, Elder and Sister Ireland, Sister Thueson, Elder and sister Neiman, Sister Powles, Elder Zatylny, Sister Kimball, Sister Zatylny, and Elder and Sister Moon.
 The Seniors love to visit with one another. At times it is hard to move them....Let's go People!
The Neimans are ready for anything!
Our first stop is the popular Waraw Uprising Museum. It is a tribute to the doomed effort of the Polish Underground's heroic and tragic 63 day struggle to liberate Warsaw from German occupation. The population in Warsaw at the beginning of the Uprising was 1.3 million. By the end of the German bombing and destructuion of Warsaw, only 1000 people remained in the city.
The wall showing all who were killed in the Uprising.
Our next stop was the famous Warsaw Rynek. Here some decided to shop, some decided to take a walking tour of the downtown sights...
 ...some decided to climb a tall tower and view Warsaw on a beautiful day....
...and others decided to just sit and soak in the sun! (Elder Harding)
After a fun day of exploring, we all met at a marvelous restaurant found on a side street off the Rynek called 'Sekret' for a wonderful meal and socializing. Here we were joined by District President Hapgood and his wife, Ewa (front right).
After a good nights rest in the Mission Home, we all gathered for leadership training and 'housekeeping' business.

And of course a traditional 'Buki Break' lunch Senior style! Afterwards, some had to hurry and make trains to get home while others RAN to the polish pottery store close to our home. Afterwards we drove to Adam's Tie Factory, (talked about in a previous post), then it was everyone back to their cities to start the work again. We love and appreciate each of these Senior Missionaries. They are the 'backbone' of the mission. Thank you for all you have sacrificed to be here serving in Poland in this part of His vineyard. You and your families will be blessed! Remember...if you love them, leave them.....and go and serve the Lord!

Thursday, September 23, 2010


If you have ever been a missionary in Poland, or ever will be, you will visit here! It is actually a wholesale company, but Adam lets the missionaries of the church come and buy ties at wholesale prices--or less! In fact, they are the only ones he lets shop in his factory warehouse!
Adam Korszak is the owner of one of the largest hand-made tie companies in Europe...the largest in Poland. President Nielson is receiving the royal tour from Monika, his wife and creative side of the business, and Adam at the factory and offices. This is upstairs in the design center. What wonderful people these are!
Adam is a savvy businessman. They had much to talk margins, profits, losses, etc. Not only do President and Adam have a common connection through business, but they are both avid bikers!
Adam is explaining a new line he is getting in attire. But, his main focus is still TIES!
Down on the floor of the stock room with Michol--Adam's Design Manager. This room is unbelievable! Pictures don't do it justice. There are tens of thousands of ties here.

President showing off his new Adam's Tie. He is not a fan of shopping, but.....
...this is ONE store that he will frequent as often as he can! Thank you, Adam, for a great day!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mini-transfer/ 3 Missionaries arrive- 2 Polish-speaking Elders and Sister Briggs

These two Elders grew up speaking Polish--their parents are native Poles. Both young men joined the Church 1 1/2 years ago, have been attending BYU, and have both volunteered at the MTC to help other missionaries learn Polish. Elder Dabrowski (front) is from Simi Valley, California and Elder Klosowiak is from the Chicago area. The entire mission has been excited for these 'native speakers' to arrive!
Another view of Elders Dabrowski and Klosowiak with Sister Briggs coming into view.
After a VERY long flight, these new missionaries were still all smiles! Here they are with Assistants Stohel and Turley and President Nielson.
Little did this group know that they were going to attend a birthday party for President Nielson once they got to the mission home.
Elder Klosowiak has been assigned to the city of Lodz. His trainer is Elder Buckner.
Elder Dabrowski has been assigned to Bydgoszcz, and his trainer will be Elder Eastman. Both of these new Elders will be in great hands!
Sister Briggs has been assigned to run the very busy Family History Center in Warsaw.
Elders Dabrowski and Klosowiak getting in the 'Transporter' ready to be taken to the train station in Centrum (center of town).
Sister Briggs and her trainer, Sister Galbraith, at the Family History Center.
Me and my (permanent) was a very good day! This, my friends, is a happy companionship!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

One of the Tender Mercies of the Lord- modern technology- SKYPE with the Family. Keeping up with our Family- Sunday night get togethers.

All of the following pictures are off the computer while talking with our family, especially our grandchildren back home. For you senior couples who might be thinking of a mission but don't want to leave your grandchildren- GO, Leave them, they will be watched over and you can see them and visit as often as you want. What a blessing! The Best of Both Worlds. GO AND SERVE... THERE IS NOTHING GREATER.
The picture above shows us visiting with Willis and Avery's kids. Zach is talking with Grandpa. This little guy is growing so fast and loves talking to us.
Halle just got home from her first day of Pre-School and made this sack puppet. Here she is telling Grandma all about it and how it works.
Next, we check in on Darik and Emily's family. Ty is giving us the talk he gave in Primary. Parker is waiting patiently in the background for his turn to visit with us.
Ty's talk was on obeying the commandments, and he made his visual aids himself!

Lexie is showing us a picture she made for us. Beautiful!
It's finally Parker's turn, and he has lots to say. Unfortunately, Brock, the youngest, was taking a nap.
Then, it's over to the Bennett household where we visit with Scott and Devin's crew. Chloe keeps us informed on the teeth she is losing....
and Riley tells us everything else!
Dax is busy showing us tricks he has learned on all of Uncle Dane's wakeboards.
The kids checked back in to sing Grandpa a resounding "Happy Birthday". Heavenly Father has blessed our entire family beyond measure. LIFE IS GREAT !!!!!

KATOWICE: District Conference

Saturday afternoon we got in the car and headed for the town of Katowice...a 3 1/2 hour trip. Sometimes, it takes a little longer ....and this is why. Notice that there is a Mercedes pulling this little trailer!
It's mushroom season, and all along the road people are selling mushrooms they have just picked in the forest. Word on the street is....Be Careful! They may be poisonous. We didn't buy any.
Katowice is a mining town and is known for its bad air. It is a great city, though, and missionaries love serving there.
While in Katowice, we actually took a P-Day (well a couple of hours) and took in some sights around the city. This is a monument honoring the 'Polish Scouts'--the young boys who would carry information and ammunition through the streets without causing attention from the Nazi Soldiers who thought they were just playing. After the Russians took over Poland, they rounded up these young boys and killed them all thinking that if they rebelled against the Germans, they would rebel against the Russians.

On Sunday, we met with the Katowice District and had wonderful meetings. After Conference, everyone ate and mingled. There was a great Spirit there.
Some of the kids of the Katowice District!
Monday night was FHE at Pizza Hut with the Katowice District. Elders Garrett, Tribe, Allred, Sheridan, Hillyard, Guthrie, Smith, Kalinowski, Murphey and Nielson. Here's what this dinner cost the President- 7 large pizzas, 8 pictures of soda and it came to $95. That's feeding 14. Not bad.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Elder Wojtkowski returns home to Poland!

Elder Bartek Wojtkowski served in the London South Mission and returned home to Poland Friday night September 10. He served an outstanding mission, and President Nielson met with him that night and Elder Wojtkowski was extended an honorable release.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Bi-Monthly Leadership Meeting

This is the morning of our first Bi-monthly Leadership Training Meeting...All Zone Leaders, District Leaders, Trainers and Assistants. To make things worse....
...the tile guys decided to show up the day before and finish the tile, and this is what the entrance to the Mission Home looked like! But the Polish Elders and Sisters are used to weather like this, so it was on with the show......
President Nielson doing some training.....the "Fundamentals of Preach My Gospel: Teaching More Effectively".
An Attentive group! Back row- Elders Torke, Guthrie, Leimer, Contor, Allred, Stohel and Turley. Front Row- Elders Plumb, Davis, Tribe, Buckner, Sisters LeFevre and Free. Elders Eastman, Nielson and Garrett- on sofa.

Watching clips from the new Preach My Gospel DVD....The District 2.
Here Elders Tribe, Buckner and Turley, with Sisters LeFevre and Free are pondering these great lessons.
Then it was time to eat........Feeding 16 very hungry missionaries is quite a feat and would not have been possible without these 2 'angels'....
Sister Harding and Sister Thueson. They worked long and hard in the kitchen for 2 days.
An appreciative group.....Here is Elder Garrett (front!) with all of his friends---from left and around the table, Elders Nielson, Eastman, Tribe, Turley, Sisters Free and LeFevre, Elders Torke, Davis, Leimer, Plumb, Buckner, Contor, Guthrie, Allred and Stohel. This was one HUNGRY group!

In a kitchen this size, you need every available inch to feed such a crew. I kept having a problem with my stove top sounding an alarm, because I was having to use it as a counter. Here is Elder Torke (from Germany) helping me turn off the alarm on the stove top ....of course, like all my appliances, all directions are in German and Polish....that's it!
The next morning I came downstairs to start breakfast for everyone and this is what I saw....How can you NOT love these Missionaries?????
Elders Garrett, Plumb, Buckner and Lewis NOT forgetting the reason we are all here in invite others to come unto Christ by following His example of being baptized by one holding the Authority of God. This is YOUR PURPOSE