Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Visit to Szczecin!

The Branch in Szczecin is the farthest place in the mission that we visit. Here President Nielson can only put Elders that he trusts will do a good job. Last month, Szczecin had 2 baptisms and there are more to come!

Looking down from the church window, we see our two faithful Elders who serve in this great city....Elder Kennedy and Elder Fletcher.

They are met at the front door by Lukasz, a recent convert. It was an exciting day for Lukasz. Today he was giving his first talk in Sacrament Meeting. (And it was great! We could not believe it was his first time speaking in church.) Lukasz is going to be a great strength to this little branch.

President Jarosz (2nd Counselor in the Mission Presidency) had come to meet with President Stankiewicz (the Branch President) and President Nielson.

While all the 'Presidents' were meeting, Elder Kennedy was helping to bring the spirit to the meeting by playing some wonderful prelude music. Elder Kennedy has done an amazing job in Szczecin. We has had experiences and gained wisdom in ways that will bless his life forever.

The Branch President and his two 'right hand men'...Elders Fletcher and Kennedy.

The Szczecin Branch: Elder Fletcher, Lukasz, Agnieszka, Barbara (new convert), Grazyna, Elder Kennedy, President Stankievicz, Zbigniew, and President Jarosz.

It's back on the road again.....this time we are heading to Lodz! And yes, we passed some amazing bridges on the way... We need to be in Lodz tonight for an important meeting so we couldn't stay long in Szczecin. It is a great city with great missionaries and members. President Jarosz drove with us to Lodz and I think President scared him. President Jarosz oversees all the vehicles in the mission. He may take away President Nielson's privileges after seeing what happened. Nothing bad but too much talking and not enough watching... can you back up on a busy road if you miss a turn? If someone honks at you should you slow down or pull over or should you just ignore it and continue to turn into the other lane? We are being watched over... that's all I am going to say.

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