Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Warsaw Zone conference...November 2011

THE WARSAW ZONE: Our biggest Zone and too many names to write here. So I will introduce them to you by Districts.
The Warsaw l District: Elders Krzyminski & Sorn (Zone Leaders), Elders Sheridan, Hannemann (Bialystok), Elders Myler (District Leader) & Walter. Sisters Briggs and Sheets (Family History Center), Sisters Mann & Garcia.
The Warsaw ll District: Elders Murphey (District Leader) and Dopp, Elders Hillyard and Dabrowski (Assistants), Elders Marsing and Roberts (Lublin), Elders Johnson and Curtis (Office Elders). Sisters Jones and Bailey, Sister and Elder Peck (Office Couple).
The Lodz District: Elders Smith, Bode, Basha, Leimer and Gladun (District Leader). Sister Allen and Ellis, Sister and Elder Tarasevich. Before the Conference started, the Sisters got together for a picture! Sisters Bailey, Jones, Mann, Allen, Ellis and Garcia. We have wonderful Sisters in this Mission! Missionaries were mingling in the foyer of the Wolska chapel as they arrived. They were soon sitting in the chapel listening intently...being instructed and edified! Elders Walter, Johnson, Smith, Curtis, Marsing and Roberts.
When it was time for lunch, the Elders were gentlemen as usual and let the Sisters go first.

The sandwiches were huge and delicious! Elders Hannemann, Sheridan, Dopp and Smith.

Sisters Garcia, Jones, Bailey, Allen, Ellis, and Mann.
Elders Dabrowski, Murphey, Curtis, Hannemann, Sheridan, Dopp, Smith, Hillyard, Marsing and Johnson.
Elders Leimer and Myler......and Dominik??? Yes, Dominik attended Zone Conference today! He is a bright young man, and he is going to be a great missionary soon!
While lots of visiting was being done during lunch break, there was mission business being conducted also. Here Elder Gladun, a new District Leader in Lodz, is getting some questions answered from his Zone Leader, Elder Sorn and Elder Dabrowski, one of our Assistants.

Meanwhile, President Nielson and his 1st Counselor in the Mission Presidency, President Jarosz, are discussing some important mission matters. President Jarosz is such a big help to President Nielson. We love him, and appreciate all he does.

We got our great Senior Missionaries together for a group photo: (Back Row): Elder and Sister Tarasevich (serving in Lodz), Sisters Briggs and Sheets (serving in the Family History Center), Sister and Elder Peck (our great office couple) and Elder Simons (CES:Seminary and Institute). Sister Simons was home sick. We missed her and hope she is doing better. Get better soon! We need you!
A big THANK YOU to the Warsaw Zone Leaders, Elder Krzyminski and Elder Sorn, for all they did to make this Zone Conference run smoothly. Great job, Elders!
Now, it was time to celebrate birthdays that had come and gone since the last Zone Conference. As I was calling up the names...

...and handing out the bags filled with homemade M&M birthday cookies.... was brought to my attention that we had forgotten one birthday!

President Nielson! Having run out of 'birthday bags' he made due with a 'birthday buka! And we started to sing the traditional Polish Birthday Song....Sto Lat!

A big STO LAT to President Nielson, Elders Marsing, Smith, Johnson, Tarasevich, Myler, Peck and Sister Garcia!
After lunch it was back on task with 'break out sessions where the Missionaries reviewed Using Time Wisely and the Key Indicators.
It was a great Conference. Missionary spirits are high. We are teaching great people. We are baptizing strong new converts. The members are being so supportive in helping with the Missionary effort here in Poland. The church is growing and building strength. It is an honor to serve in this great country with these wonderful Missionaries. We love them all!

At the end of Zone Conference as everyone was packing up scriptures, Preach My Gospel manuals and putting on coats, guess who the most popular person in the room was? Elder Peck! The man responsible for all the reinbursements for travel expenses.

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