Saturday, November 19, 2011

Visiting Prague for a CCM Meeting...

After Zone Conference in Katowice, we headed to Wroclaw for the night. It's time for the quarterly Coordinating Counsel Meeting (CCM) with our Area Authority, Elder Schutze, the Mission President of the Czech Republic and his 2 District Presidents and President Nielson and his 2 District Presidents. This time it was held in Prague and Elder Schutze invited me to come along! These are great meetings for the District and Mission Presidents to meet, arrange for and plan events, conferences and training for members.

As we entered the Mission Office of the Czech Republic Mission, who did we find there? Some dear friends from Las Vegas...Elder and Sister (Jim and Diane) Bohne! They are serving as the Office Couple and loving every minute of it.

It was great to see Elder and Sister Bohne. We have worked close with them in the Las Vegas Lakes Stake for many years. It was so good to see them and visit for a few minutes. They are doing wonderful. To Zion, To Zion!!!

President Irwin and his wife graciously offerred to give us a 'whirlwind' tour of off we went.....

Our first stop was to Castle Square, which looms above the city of Prague, where we were just in time to see the changing of the guards.

However, two people were completely engrossed in conversation to pay attention to what was happening. Above: President Nielson and President Irwin talking.........missionary work and how to do things better.

Inside the Cathedral on Castle Square was this beautiful stained glass window depicting the Dispensations of Time. Look closely in the bottom left hand corner....Tell me what YOU see! I see 2 Missionaries! Hummm.....very interesting!

As we were making our way down from Castle Square, we stopped to take a picture with President and Sister Irwin over looking the city. The Irwins are from England and came out in the same group as we did in 2010. We have always enjoyed visiting with them at conferences.

As we were making our way to other sites, guess what we found? The Polish Embassy! It reminded us of all our dear Polish friends whom we love! Yes, I'm talking about you!

Our next stop was Charles Bridge....which this picture does not do it justice. Many bridges had been built on this spot before but had been destroyed by floods. In the 1300's the Emporer Charles IV decided to build an entirely new structure instead of repairing the old one. Until the 19th century, this was the ONLY bridge in Prague that crossed the river. It is lined with Saints and...

...with many this man with his 'electric' violin. He was fantastic!

...Or these men known as the 'Bridge Band'. They were also great. The musicians were so good, it made me wonder if they held 'try-outs' to get a spot on the bridge! They were also doing well collecting tips!

Sister Irwin and I in the middle of the Old Town Square. It was huge and absolutely stunning!

As it was getting close to the hour, a crowd started forming in front of the Astronomical Clock on the Town Hall built 500 years ago.

When the top of the hour comes Death (the skeleton) nods his head 'yes' while 3 other statues (you can see one above) representing Greed, Hedonism, and Vanity shake their heads 'no' reminding us that Death is inevitable and the other worldly goals cannot stop it. Then, Death tips his hourglass and...

...the 12 Apostles parade by acknowledging the crowd. The golden rooster crows and the bells ring the hour. It is amazing and to think it was built 500 years ago! Very intricate. It is said that in order to make sure that this clock was the only one of its kind, the clock craftsman was made blind when he finished it. What kind of 'thank you' was that!

Making our way back to the Mission Home, we were able to enjoy the beautiful lights of Prague at night.

The next day, it was all business! The CCM meeting! (L to R): the two District Presidents in Czech Republic, President Irwin, Elder Schutze (Area Authority), President Nielson with President Pawlik (Katowice District President) and President Dresler (Warsaw District President).

Because we were trying to get to Szczecin before it got too late, we skipped lunch and left immediately after the meeting. (I should write a book....'See Prague in 20 Hours or Less!')

Another cool bridge.....but this time.....

...Don't anyone get excited! This is NOT a Polish Highway. We actually had permission to drive through Germany on the Autoban to get to Szczecin which is on the German border. This was a blessing as it saved us HOURS of driving if we would have had to drive up through Poland.

Proof that we really were on a German highway....with NO SPEED LIMIT!

One of the MANY tunnels we traveled through.

Back in Poland. It felt good to back in the mission! "There's no place like home" (The Wizard of Oz---in case you didn't know!)


  1. Ah, so good to see the Bohnes in your post!! Such a small world within the Church!

  2. The last weekend in October Mark and I went to Prague and attended the Prague Branch and we met President and Sis. Irwin. We enjoyed visiting with them and attending church in their beautiful branch and city. We enjoyed seeing the same sites you did in Prague! It was fun to see descriptions of the same places we visited...glad to see the connections!


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