Saturday, November 26, 2011

Off to Poznan for a Thanksgiving Feast and a Fireside

After attending the first part of the CES training this morning, we dashed in the car and headed to Poznan for a dinner and fireside. We had to be there by 4:00 pm; and because it was Saturday, the roads weren't too crowded. It only took us 4 1/2 hours to get there.

It was dark by the time we arrived, but we were welcomed by a great lighted sign! The Poznan Branch is celebrating Thanksgiving Dinner today with a Fireside tonight. This is the front of their new Chapel. A new roof is being installed; and when that is completed, everything will be perfect. The inside of the church already is...thanks to Elder and Sister Richards! They have done a great job. Thank you!
We arrived and everyone was busy getting ready for the dinner. Elders Rogers and Buckner are helping in everyway imaginable...including carving 1 of 4 turkeys that were served.
The dinner started with around 54 in attendance. If you were at the old Chapel, you know this could have never happened there. It was the beginning of a great evening.
Sister Sheahan is greeting members and this wonderful investigator as everyone is arriving.
The food line begins and many were not sure what "Stuffing" was or what to do with "Gravy".
Natalie and Anja ...two of the wonderful young women in the branch!
For MANY of these Polish people, it was their FIRST American Thanksgiving dinner. Most were willing to try everything.
Grzegosz is finding his way around the buffet line pretty well. He is a great member and a big support in the Poznan Branch.

Jolanta and Michol try American stuffing!
Marzena, Izza, her friend and Kate carefully make great choices in the buffet line.

It is always wonderful when members bring their friends to activities and to church...and we had many non-members in attendance tonight!

Again, Elders Buckner and Rogers came through with pies (!) that they each baked! They were delicious. Great missionaries (and cooks).

The fireside was short. Everyone was told that after President spoke, dessert would be served. That's a guaratee that no one will be long-winded. When the party ended, it was time for clean up. Grzegorz, bless his heart, stayed until the bitter end. We wanted to make sure our new Chapel was clean and presentable for our Sunday meetings.

Sisters Leppanen and Sheahan pitched right in and worked as hard as anyone. These are remarkable Sisters. We love and appreciate them so much. The Sister missionaries are just unbelievable, they can do everything...and do it perfectly.

The clean-up crew gets to go home. It was a wonderful dinner and turn out. Much work went into this event. A special 'thank you' to the members and missionaries of the Poznan branch for the food and preparation. This was a wonderful branch effort!

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