Friday, November 11, 2011

Some great missionaries return home to their families.

The day came when some of our Mission's finest missionaries departed for home. Elders Davis, Plumb, Nielson, Garrett, Eastman and Darowski all left their marks on our mission and the people of Poland. This is at the airport when today they will be flying via Paris for home. It is 6:30am and they are about to board the plane. (As we found out later- there were delays and they missed their connecting flights in Paris which meant instead of all flying together to Salt Lake and arriving in the afternoon, some now went via Atlanta or Chicago and will be arriving at midnight or later. We are so sorry for this wild trip home.)

The last night in the mission home. It was a fun time to listen to their experiences and the joy of serving. This is a special group with great personalities. Everyone had a favorite request for the night.

Sister Briggs came to the mission home to help prepare for the dinner. Thank you for all your help. She is so good to assist in everything.
Leaving behind for all the mission to remember him by was Elder Nielson's favorite tie. Everyone in the mission loves Elder Nielson. Idaho Falls, Idaho will be expecting him.

Elder Eastman was one of our great assistants. He, too, was loved and respected by everyone. He was always a joy to have in the Mission Home. He will return to Mapelton, Utah.

Elder Plumb was everyone's silent hero. He spoke Polish so very well and impressed everyone. He will return to St. George, Utah. He came through for us all the time.

Elder Darowski served in the Mission Office and was wonderful. He made life so much easier for the President and the mission. He returns to Orem, Utah. He also gave President a great tie which he will wear often.

Elder Davis is a great man. We could count on him to do whatever we needed. He traveled around the mission the last two weeks helping companionships and showing them how to do missionary work- the right way. His home is Syracuse, Utah.

Elder Garrett was a champ. He served faithfully all the time and had fun doing everything. What a pleasure it was to be around him. He was another great assistant. On the way from Gdansk to the mission home, one of his bags was stolen. Even though he was disappointed, he didn't let this get him down. He was a leader all the way. He returns to Kaysville, Utah.

We called them the "Yellow Group" because their cards on President's Transfer board were in yellow cardstock. We will miss these great leaders and Elders. We know all of them will go on to do great things in life!

Our two current assistants (Hillyard and Dabrowski) saying goodbye to former assistants (Garrett and Eastman). Interesting sidenote: Garrett trained Hillyard and Eastman trained Dabrowski.

Goodbye for now. We will see you sometime in 2013. We love you Elders Davis, Plumb, Nielson, Garrett, Eastman and Darowski. Keep the Mission in your prayers.

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