Thursday, November 17, 2011

Katowice Zone Conference ...November 2011

The Katowice Zone...located in the southern part of Poland. Many great people have been brought into the Church recently by the help of these great missionaries and the great members who reside in this zone. Let's meet them...

The Wroclaw District. Elders Hayes and Hooker (District Leader); Sisters Folsom and Stay. Elder and Sister Jensen are our Senior Couple who work so hard to strengthen this branch through their leadership and example. They support and sustain in so many ways.

The Krakow District. Elders Hancock and Gudnason (serving in Kielce); Elders Kalinowski (District Leader) and Pofelski are serving in Krakow. These are all harding working and Obedient Missionaries.

The Katowice District. Elders Jensen (District Leader) and Van Bakel with our Zone Leaders, Elders Seibert and Klosowiak. (Seated): Elder and Sister McGrath and Sisters Marshall and Forsey.

I need to give a big THANK YOU to our Senior Couples....ALL of them. We have great Senior Couples. We love them all and appreciate all the help and support they not only give to the missionaries but to President Nielson and myself. This mission would not be where it is if it weren't for our great couples. They act as extra 'eyes and ears' for President as this mission is very spread out. Elder and Sister McGrath serve as the Branch President here and in every calling that needs support and direction.

Again....'thank you' to the McGraths and the Jensens (and to all our wonderful couples) for sacrificing and serving the Lord in Poland. We love you all!

As the morning instruction was moving along...

...Sister McGrath was in the kitchen finishing up 'sloppy joes' for what would soon be a very hungry crowd! (They were delicious!)

At lunch, it was time to mingle and find out what is happening in the other cities in the Zone.

Elders Gudneson and Pofelski. Serving in different cities but from the same MTC group.

Elders Kalinowski and Hancock. Determining which cookie tastes the best....

Elders Van Bakel, Hayes, Seibert and Hillyard. We have decided that Elder Van Bakel has taken the title of "Biggest Eater" from Elder Hancock. Elder Van Bakel can at with the best of them...

Elders Jensen and Hooker. Two new great trainers and District Leaders. Great Elders and Missionaries!!!

Elder Van Bakel (a new Missionary) brings a special talent with him...the ability to 'chug' a carton of juice without taking a breath! (I see some 'timed contests' forming!)

Of course, we can't forget to celebrate birthdays! A big STO LAT to Sister McGrath, Elder Hayes, Sister Jensen and Elder Jensen! Celebrating birthdays since the last Zone Conference!

With lunch over, it was time for our 'break out' sessions. Our Assistants, Elders Dabrowski and Hillyard explaining the benefit of 'Tracting Books' and accountability in our work and efforts.

The Katowice Zone Leaders, Elders Seibert and Klosowiak, teaching the benefit of using the Key Indicators from Preach My Gospel in all aspects of Missionary work.
As the Senior Companions (Elders Jensen, Hancock, Kalinowski, Hooker, Sisters Stay and Marshall) are diligently paying attention and taking notes....
...their Junior Companions are doing the same. (Elders Van Bakel, Hayes, Gudnason, Pofelski, Sisters Forsey and Folsom.)

We have GREAT Missionaries in the Katowice Zone! They are working hard and teaching many who are searching for answers to their questions. One last photo....the Sisters in the Katowice Zone: Sisters Jensen, Forsey, Stay, Folsom, Marshall and McGrath. We Love Our Missionaries and feel it a privilege to serve alongside them!

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