Friday, November 11, 2011

Zone Leader Council brings lots of changes...

Four hours after saying goodbye to our departing Elders, we had our 6 Zone Leaders coming in from Bydgoszcz, Katowice and Warsaw for our monthly Zone Leader Council. With the recent transfer came many changes in our mission leadership...including our Zone Leaders.

Pictured above are our current Zone Leaders along with our great Assistants, Elders Dabrowski and Hillyard.

Elder Sorn and Elder Krzyminski will be serving together as the Warsaw Zone Leaders. Elder Sorn remains a Zone Leader, but Elder Krzyminski came in from Gdansk and was serving as a District Leader.

Elder Lundin and Elder Vreeken are the Zone Leaders in Bydgoszcz. Elder Lundin remains in Bydgoszcz as Elder Vreeken transfers in from Warsaw l.

Elder Siebert remains in Katowice and Elder Klosowiak leaves Krakow as a District Leader and joins Elder Siebert as Zone Leaders of the Katowice Zone.

The Zone Leaders set goals for December and for the end of the year. They spent time reviewing the definitions of the Key Indicators. Also plans were made for Zone Conferences starting Monday in Bydgoszcz. Tuesday will be a travel day and conferences in Warsaw on Wednesday and Thursday in Katowice.

During a break, they all had a chance to review the final draft of the Dobra Strona before it went to press and will be distributed next week during the meetings.

Our office staff, Elders Johnson and Curtis, play a big part in keeping everything going, answering and distributing referrals plus so much more. They also help put out a monthly mission newsletter that keeps the mission informed. Thanks so much.

Today was November 11th so it was Independance Day in Poland. There wasn't much traffic on the roads so by 5:00pm when the Zone Leader Council ended it was pretty easy sailing back to the train station for everyone to catch their rides home. It was a great day with new wonderful and strong Zone Leaders. The mission is in great hands with these leaders.

Now, on to the next activity.....

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