Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Our New Missionaries Arrive!

We are so excited to welcome these new missionaries to the Poland Warsaw Mission. Let me introduce them to you one at a time......

This is Elder Van Bakel from the Netherlands. Yes, that is where President Nielson served his mission as a young man. They spoke Dutch all the way home.

Next is Elder Dopp who is from Ammon, Idaho.

We have a new missionary from Newport, Wales...Elder Hayes!

Elder Walter calls Palmdale, California his home.

We also added two great Sisters to our Missionary pool. Sister Sheahan is from Hamilton, Montana, and...

...Sister Forsey is from Highland, Utah. What a great group! All are excited to be here and are ready to work....hard!

An interesting side-note: This nice man came through the terminal gate and walked directly to us to let us know that we have great missionaries and would be out shortly. He was there on business- developing video games. Bishop Farnsworth is from North Carolina and grew up in Mesa, Arizona! President Nielson knew is father and uncle. It is ALWAYS a very small world in the Church!

Off we go to pack up the bags and head to the mission home.

Everything fit in the transporter! It is so nice to have a big van again in the mission.

After dropping their bags off in their rooms and having a tour of the mission home, it was time to eat. A good home-cooked meal is always appreciated after a very long plane ride!

While President was finishing up initial interviews, these talented Missionaries gathered around the piano and sang hymns in Polish in parts! I am always so amazed at the talents and abilities of our Missionaries. They all have much to offer and are willing to share. We love them already!

As I post this, our six new Missionaries are all sound asleep. They were all very tired and were ready to go to bed early. It will be a long day tomorrow....but exciting. Tomorrow....they meet their trainers who will also be staying in the mission home tomorrow night. (I better get some rest!)

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  1. Thank you!! The Spirit helped me find this page today as I thought of Brandon and the wonderful missionaries he is with. Brother Walter and I are so glad he is among friends.
    Please let him know we are sharing this site with others.
    Sister Walter


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