Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving from Warsaw, Poland!

Thanksgiving Day is an American holiday where we 'give thanks' for all our blessings and then eat a lot of great food...usually too much great food! At our house, it always involved some sort of playing sports before the big meal....and this Thanksgiving dinner was no different.
When we first arrived President Jarosz and President disappeared. I thought they were in a meeting about something. Pretty soon I went in the cultural hall and found them playing. They said they were discussing a transfer....Yeah right...transfer the ball into the basket.
OK, we had to break this up and get back to the work at hand. Game over and High Fives to everyone. President Jarosz has 'got game'! A showdown is in the works!

While Brother Jarosz and President Nielson were challenging each other on the court....

...the kitchen was crammed full of missionaries getting 'their assignment' for the dinner prepared. (LtoR): Sister Mann, Elders Walter and Peck, Sister Briggs, Elder Myler, Sisters Peck, Jones, Bailey and Garcia.

As per tradition, the Missionaries in Warsaw all met for a couple of hours at the Wolska chapel to celebrate Thanksgiving Day together. Sister Briggs (right) had done a great job organizing the dinner and making assignments.

Everyone was ready for some turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing! Sister Sheets (Center) had done a wonderful job making sure the tables looked beautiful!

After dinner, the Elders lined up to try their hand at basketball.

Elder Dabrowski was taking some practice shots as everyone was trying to figure out how to divide up for teams. Godfrey (in the background) held his own in this game as well.
Sister Briggs from the Family History Center showed off her skills with a couple of great shots.

President said it was time to hit the streets again when he saw that Dominik was going to run and jump off Elder Hillyard's back to see if he could dunk the basketball. This had accident written all over it! Dominik, who will soon have his mission papers submitted, didn't need a broken ankle; and Elder Hillyard, our first assistant, didn't need an injured back! A great time was had by all, let's end on that note... Thanksgiving was great time Warsaw. We have much to be Thankful for.

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