Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Our new Transporter takes her Maiden Voyage!

Our new Transporter arrived last week just in time to pick up our new missionaries! It is beautiful and doesn't have one 'ding' in it! Neither Assistant was very excited to drive it (nervous!) but it looks as if the 'junior' Assistant won! (or lost...however you want to look at it!)

Keeping close tabs on her from the back window of our car. The Assistants are doing a great job!
Careful, Elder Dabrowski! We're watching you!
Oh, oh! Will it fit under the bar? These next few feet were taken VERY slowly!

Another tight spot....taken very slowly! Elder Hillyard is doing a good job of guiding Elder Dabrowski through the ticket turnstyle. (Notice the line of cars behind him!)

They made it! Parked safely next to President's car, the new transporter will wait to be loaded with baggage from our incoming group of missionaries.
I feel that we should pay our respects to the old transporter.....
It died several months ago when it unfortunately hit the back of a truck. But I refuse to tell you who was driving! That will be our secret!

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