Monday, November 21, 2011

District meeting in Lodz!

We stayed in Lodz Sunday night where we met with some members. The next morning District Meeting was on the agenda. Our great Missionaries in Lodz: Elder and Sister Tarasevich, Elders Leimer, Basha, Bode, Smith and Gladun (District Leader) with Sisters Ellis and Allen. Here they are out in front of the Chapel waiting for District Class to start.

During "role play" Elders Bode and Gladun are teaching the investigator (Elder Leimer) how the Book of Mormon contains the fulness of the Gospel. As you read the introduction of the Book of Mormon, it explains why this book is so important.

Then the Taraseviches taught the investigators, Sisters (Allen and Ellis) and answered some of their questions. This was a great District Meeting. It was the first meeting where our new District Leader (Elder Gladun) conducted, taught and lead the discussions. He did an outstanding job. There are wonderful missionaries in Lodz. The Taraseviches are a huge support to the branch. There is a great feeling everytime we visit this special city.

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