Monday, November 14, 2011

Bydgoszcz Zone Conference...November 2011

It's time for our quarterly Zone Conferences held throughout the country. This time, since we were in Bydgoszcz for Sunday, we decided to start with this great Zone.
What a great group- The Bydgoszcz Zone. Elders Kennedy, Vreeken, Lundin, Tanner, Ball, Sisters Steadman and McAdams, Elders Berry, Waits, Rogers, Buckner and Fletcher. Seated are Elder and Sister Richards and Sisters Sheahan and Leppanen.
The Poznan District- Elders Buckner and Rogers in Poznan, Elders Fletcher and Kennedy in Szczecin. Elder and Sister Richards and Sisters Sheahan and Leppanen also serve in Poznan.
Gdansk District- Sisters Steadman and McAdams with Elders Waits and Berry.
The Bydgoszcz District- Elders Ball, Tanner, with Zone Leaders Elder Vreeken and Elder Lundin.

Zone Conference started at 11:00am and by 1:00pm everyone was ready for lunch. They all lined up and were ready...
but the Sisters went first. Here Sister Steadman is selecting one of the favorites of Bydgoszcz... the mini Pizzas and desserts. They are great.
With all the room in the building, for some reason we all huddle together in just the Kitchen. The food and the company were the best.
Those that had birthdays in the last months were Sister Sheahan and Elders Vreeken and Fletcher. Sto Lat!!!
For the afternoon session, we started off with a wonderful musical number by Sister Sheahan ( she has a fabulous voice!) and accompanied by Elder Rogers. It put our Zone Conference back in the right spirit after an energetic lunch.
The Zone Leaders (Elders Vreeken and Lundin) lead one of the afternoon sessions discussing the importance of the Key Indicators...why we have them and how to use them. They did a great job explaining what we need to do to help investigators progress.
In the other session, the Assistants discussed Planning and Accountability. Here again, a great presentation and discussion. A great day for missionaries starts the night before in planning.
It was time to close so everyone could head to the trains and back to their cities. The Sisters all got together for one last photo. Sisters Richards, Sheahan, McAdams, Steadman and Leppanen. A great day. We are all grateful to be in Poland.

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