Friday, December 2, 2011

A Special Leadership Meeting held at a new location...the Warsaw II Chapel.

Early Friday morning. missionaries started coming in for our Leadership Meeting. This meeting is being combined with Zone Leader Council this month. Throughout the mission today, we had many Junior Companions paired with one another while Zone Leaders, District Leaders and some Senior Companions came together for this meeting. This picture was taken before part of the group went into the Leadership Meeting and others went out contacting. Kneeling: Elders Krzyminski, Buckner, Marsing, Gladun and Ball. Standing: Elders Siebert, Hooker, Basha, Sorn, Jensen, Klosowiak, Hannemann, Kalinowski, Lundin, Murphey, Vreeken, Sheridan, Tanner and Dopp.

Getting ready to go into the meeting are Elders Gladun, Hooker, Berry, Waits and Krzyminski. We decided to use the Warsaw II chapel for this Leadership Meeting, because we had so many missionaries coming in. The Warsaw II chapel is located close to the Metro Line. Getting from the train station to the chapel via the Metro was a breeze!
After some great morning instruction, we broke for lunch...Elders Siebert, Marsing, Sorn and Ball.
Elders Myler, Lundin, Buckner, Basha, Kalinowski, Murphey and Hancock.

Elders Dabrowski, Hillyard, Gladun, Sorn, Ball, Krzyminski, Klosowiak, Hooker and Jensen.
Elders Hanneman, Vreeken, Tanner and Waits joined this table for lunch.
Homemade 'Christmas cake' and ice cream was served for dessert.....and it was devoured!
After the meeting, everyone quickly gathered mail, supplies and their backpacks to head back on the Metro to the train station. Far left: Dominik also attended this leadership meeting as he awaits his mission call.

Elders Tanner, Marsing, Waits and Gladun saying their 'good-byes'.
As the missionaries were leaving, members of the Warsaw II Branch started arriving.
Decorating the foyer for the upcoming Branch Christmas social are: (L to R): Teador, Anja, Jerzy, Monika and Beata. These members bring a great spirit to the Branch.

This Leadership meeting was one of the best meetings we have held in the mission. Goals were set, instruction given, techniques practiced, concluding with a wonderful testimony meeting. I love this Church, and I love my missionaries!

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