Friday, December 16, 2011

Warsaw Zone Christmas Conference 15 Dec 2011

The Warsaw Zone. (Seated): Elder and Sister Peck(office couple), Elder and Sister Tarasevich (Lodz). (Second Row): Sisters Sheets, Garcia, Mann, Allen, Ellis, Jones, Bailey and Briggs. (Third Row): Elders Roberts, Bode, Leimer, Dopp, Murphey, Johnson, Gladun, Smith, Hannemann, Hillyard, Sheridan, Walter, Marsing and Dominik. (Back Row): Elders Krzyminski, Dabrowski, Basha, Curtis, Sorn and Myler. A wonderful zone and outstanding conference.

Getting everything ready this morning were Sisters Allen and Ellis (in from Lodz) with Sisters Sheets and Briggs from the Family History Center.

Our Head Chef was Brat Jarosz. He was in charge of "bread bowls" for our Homemade Potato Soup. He really outdid himself. These were the fanciest bread bowls anyone has ever seen. As always... A huge thank you to Brat Jarosz.

Elders Walter, Murphey, Basha, Leimer, Sorn, Bode Krzyminski, Myler, Curtis and Johnson.

Sisters Allen and Ellis with Elders Hannemann, Smith, Marsing, Roberts and Gladun.

Sisters Jones, Bailey, Garcia and Mann. Elders Dopp, Sheridan with Sister and Elder Peck.

Elder and Sister Tarasevich with Dominik joined by Elders Hillyard and Dabrowski.

Out Christmas Caroling at the "fishbowl" at the Centrum in Warsaw. Elder Myler did a great job today organizing and leading the singing.

In this picture is Elder Gladun on the left, Elder Krzyminski in the back, Sister Ellis, then Elders Roberts and Hillyard with Elder Leimer on the far right. All were contacting and speaking to the hundreds that were walking by. A great day of missionary work.

Back to the Warsaw ll chapel for closing remarks and discussions. The Lodz District gave President a special Christmas gift. This was all hand-made directed by our talented Sister Ellis.

All of the gifts were inside a handmade "boat" (which is what Lodz means). It was a very special gift to the both of us and adorable how is was crafted. Sisters Allen and Ellis spent a most precious Preparation Day 'constructing' this boat!

Elder Gladun (from Lublin) and Dominik together on this special day. Dominik has his papers in and waiting for his letter from the Prophet. It is tremendous to see these Polish brethren serving and leading the Church in their country.

The last thing we took care of was the Birthdays in the month of December. Elder Leimer, Elder Bode and Sister Mann.

The zone sang them a big 'Happy Birthday/STO LAT' and raised the roof. A great day in the Zone. These are wonderful missionaries and doing a mighty work. When you attend these Zone Conferences, you see what great missionaries we have in Poland. The conferences are all so different even though you have the same things planned. Each is special and yet everyone takes what they need or what they are attentive to.

These Zone Conferences were so important for the President as he sees the growth and change in each missionary.

Christmas time is Poland is wonderful. I love being in this magnificent country and with these missionaries. I love each one!

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