Monday, December 26, 2011

Day after Christmas... Wolska Chapel 2011

The 26th of December is a holiday in Poland. There was little activity on the streets; and it's Monday, that means P-day for the missionaries. We gathered at the Wolska Chapel and had a great pick-up basketball game(s).
We were blessed as there were no "casualties". A few bumps and bruises but nothing too bad.

Brother Wood explaining to Brother Jarosz why he shouldn't 'dunk' the ball. We found out that Brothers Jagard and Wood are real "ringers". They still have it.

After the game there were stories to tell... I wonder how much of this Sister Jarosz believes. She was a good sport to come all the way here to support her husband. The Jaroszs were very kind to the missionaries (as were many other members in Poland) during the Christmas season.
All ended well. Elders Dabrowski (his knee is still working well) Murphey, Sorn, Johnson (no concussion after being slammed into the wall), Krzyminski, Brother Jagard (he controlled the boards), Hillyard and Elder Curtis (we tried to get him to not wear the Utah shirt but he stayed true...). Brother Jarosz wearing the appropriate basketball head wear (he is a pretty good ball player!). Brother Wood was off visiting and getting ready for the trip back to Kansas. A great P-day had by all.

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