Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday: the Krakow Branch

The Krakow Branch: (L to R): Teresa, Oskar, Sara, Barbara, Felicity, Spencer, Mitch, Pablo, President Dziubla, Joseph, Hanja, Tiberius, Pawel, Alex, Jeff, Ellie, Elder Pofelski, Andrzej and Elder Kalinowski. Several countries are represented here: Poland, England, the Philippines and America. That is something I love about our world-wide church. You go anywhere in the world and the doctrine is the same!

Pablo and Joseph are from the Philippines here in Krakow on a 'fellowship'. Joseph is a member and brought his friend, Pablo, to church with him.

Elders Pofelski and Kalinowski with their Investigator, Barbara and Teresa...a member of 11 years.

Krakow has a Primary! Sara and Hanja sit with the children...(Top Row): Spencer, Tiberius and Oskar. (Front Row): Felicity, Ellie and Alex.

President and Pawel....this time without his knight costume! We saw Pawel yesterday, in costume, on the Rynek. (Yesterdays post)

And here he is with his family. His wife, Hanja, has been a member since April.

Mitch is in Krakow for the next 3 years attending medical school. He and his family will be a BIG support in the branch. Sara is English, and they met at BYU.

Andrzej (who serves in the Katowice District Presidency) and President Dziubla...2 stalwarts in the Branch. We appreciate ALL these two men do. Thank you for all you do to help this growing branch! Exciting things are happening in Krakow.


  1. Teresa was baptized when we lived in Krakow. We were so happy when we went to church a couple of weeks ago in Krakow and she gave a wonderful talk in sacrament meeting.

  2. Krakow was my favorite city, and I love Teresa!! I seriously have tears in my eyes from just looking at the beautiful photos of the city and hearing how everything is going there. It will forever be in my heart.


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