Monday, December 5, 2011

Krakow District Meeting

Our District Meeting in Krakow was partially held at the train station. The Elders from Kielce came in for the 11:30am meeting but 10 minutes outside Krakow, the train broke down. So they were one hour late. President needed to be in Lublin at 5:00pm for a meeting so we all met for a few minutes when the train finally pulled in. Elder Gudnason, Hancock, Kalinowski and Pofelski.
Getting set up for District Meeting, Elder Pofelski and Kalinowski showing off their new ties. These are great missionaries and wonderful things are happening in this special Branch.
We had a shortened version of District Meeting while we were waiting for the Kielce Elders to arrive. The missionaries are teaching their 'investigator' how to find answers from the Book of Mormon.
At the end of District Meeting we always save a few minutes for a Polish Language Quiz. Today the Elders did wonderful.
Then it was off to Lublin. The roads were difficult but there was one section of "highway" which was really good. In fact we made up great time until we had one small set back...(and I'll leave it up to your imagination to guess what it was!) Hint: review the 1st picture in the blog posted 12/3!)

Lublin was a fast stop. We briefly saw Elders Marsing and Roberts who are doing great. The camera was not brought out but the Elders are alive, well and happy. Best part they are out serving and working hard.

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