Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Center for Young Adults Warsaw Christmas Social December 20, 2011

We were invited to attend a most spectacular YSA Christmas Dinner! These YSA's out did themselves. Everything was wonderful.....decorations, food, company.....everything! They had a great turnout. (Above: on the left is Marta, the YSA President; on the right is Dominik, the YSA Institute teacher who does such a wonderful job teaching the gospel to these great YSAs!

Part of the 'decoration committee'. Kinga, Marta, Luisa and two other great Investigators. A big 'thank you' to those imaginative group....the room was magical!

What's this?? A surprise visitor for the night!!! Not even the YSA's knew he was coming! Mikolaj...AKA: Santa Clause had gifts and chocolate for everyone! (Shhhh...don't let anyone know that it was Dominik, their Institute teacher, who had come up with this special surprise.)

Looks like someone is looking for a very special Christmas present.....Hummm...what could it be? Only Kasia knows! What a great evening and event. The YSA's in Poland are FABULOUS!

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