Saturday, December 10, 2011

Kielce on Saturday December 10, 2011

Saturday morning we headed to Kielce. When we started in Poland (almost 18 months ago! Wow it's going fast!!), President described the Highways as... "7 Ain't Heaven" (Highway S-7), "8 isn't Great" (Highway S-8) and "Avoid 14 at all costs!". Things have all changed. With every road under construction, it's now "Avoid S-8 always" "14 ain't bad" and "7 is close to heaven". Today was a good day because we traveled on S-7 to Kielce. The only bad part was coming into Kielce.
This road will be great one day but not now. Again, the closest city we travel to is 2 - 2 1/2 hours away- Lublin, Lodz and Kielce all take about the same travel time. The road to Kielce is the best for most of the way. But again, entering the city is a bit difficult.

This a a photo of the layers they are putting down for a strong foundation. President Monson while serving as a Mission President (1959) asked (then) Elder N. Eldon Tanner why the roads in Western Canada held up better than other ones in other areas of Canada. Elder Tanner replied, "the depth of the base of paving materials. In order to remain strong and unbroken, it is necessary to go very deep with foundation layers". I think Poland will have some great roads when this is all completed.

The Rondo by the Centrum is all messed up but in a couple of years this will be great. (This will be fun when it is covered with snow!)

Close to our hotel is a small park with come sobering monuments. In the Spring of 1941, the Kielce Ghetto was established. 28,000 Jews from Kielce and the surrounding cities were forced to live in 500 buildings behind a wooden fence and barbed wire. The primary function of this Ghetto was to provide forced labor for the work camps.

This sinking menorah is a fitting symbol remembering the 20,000 Jews killed from the Kielce Ghetto. Of the 28,000 Jews that lived in this ghetto, only 400 remained alive in Kielce...the other 7,500 (approx.) were sent to nearby concentration camps for extermination.

We attended an Institute Class taught by Karol. He taught a great lesson. This young man has grown so much in the gospel. This was Poland's week to attend the temple, and Karol had just returned from the Freiberg Temple this week with other Polish Saints. Karol apologized to President for not having a white shirt on. He had worn it all week at the temple, and it was in the washing machine so he could wear it to church tomorrow. A great young man who will put in his papers next May after he graduates from High School.

After a wonderful lesson we all walked over to the Centrum. Still no snow but it's cold enough for snow. This is such a great city.

After dinner and before Karol catches his train to travel 60 minutes home (then back in the morning for Church) everyone stopped to say goodbye. Elder Hancock and Gudnason are fantastic missionaries. Elder Hancock is from Winslow Arizona and Elder Gudnason is from Iceland. Only in the Church would two Elders from far away places become as close as brothers in a new and beautiful country like Poland...and with a great friend and brother like Karol.

I love this Church and my missionaries (and future ones)!!!!

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