Thursday, December 8, 2011

Getting the Christmas Spirit in Warsaw...

It's December 8th, and Warsaw is still looking for it's 1st snow! Last year, the country was covered with snow by this time of year. Snow or no snow...Warsaw is still beautiful during the Christmas season. You'll see what I mean....

The giant Christmas tree is located in the Royal Square in front of the Royal Palace. They change the decorations on this tree from year to year. This year the lights were stunning!

This magnificent tree draws crowds of people from all around the city.
Making our way down Nowy Swiat from the Christmas tree is the Polish version of "The White House" where the President of Poland resides.
Nowy Swiat street is a happening place...probably one of the most well-known and visited streets in Warsaw. There are always unique displays to look at. The one above had something to do with politicians, but I thought they look like Missionaries. (See the tags?)
Beautiful any time of the year, Nowy Swiat is filled with hundreds of thousands of white lights. This is a large fountain of lights that has been erected for the Christmas season.
A look down Nowy is filled with lots of shops, restaurants and this time of year....lights! The Church owns a little place further up this street on the left. It once housed the Family History Center. The YSA's have used it, but mostly the missonaries use the upstairs and downstairs rooms for discussions with people they meet from the university close by or who live in the area.

This won't be our last walk down this beautiful street this winter, but it might be our ONLY walk without's coming....we can feel it in the air!


  1. Mark and I just returned from being where you took photos in this blog entry! We had heard it is quite we ventured out (not in your car though) and for 4+ hours walked and saw these beautiful sights! Mark and I are amazed at the crowds of people...if it was this cold in Houston...there would definitely not be the crowds of people we saw this evening! Thanks for posting...made me smile!

  2. We totally thought they looked like missionaries too!


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