Saturday, December 31, 2011

YSA New Year's Dance

Part of the 'decorating committee' for the YSA sponsored New Years Dance held at the Wolska chapel on December 30, 2011. Marta, Alex (Chairman of the Dance) and Dominik. There were many who helped in the decorating but we missed getting a picture of everyone. Sorry. This was a YSA event but everyone was invited.
When the Saints in Poland gather, there is always lots of food; and tonight was no exception. We want to thank this great group of 'volunteers' for the magnificent food that just kept coming and are angels!

Elder and Sister Jensen have been transferred to Warsaw and will be the new missionary couple serving in the Center for Young Adults, located at the Warsaw 2 Chapel on Wiktorska. We are delighted to soon be able to keep this Center open during the week...during the day and evenings. It will be a great place for our YSAs to gather, visit, do a little homework and just hang-out! We invite all our YSA's to join in!

Marta, our Warsaw YSA Rep, is not losing any time discussing 'items of business' with the Jensens. Their first assignment......attend the dance! This center will provide many things the YSA's want and need.

Sister Peck, part of our Office Couple, and Sister Jarosz who is our 'head' (volunteer) translator when we run into problems at the office! Sister Jarosz can solve anything...or knows someone who can!

Not only did YSAs come from Warsaw for the dance, but Katowice and Kielce were well-represented. (Marta with Damian, Adrian and Karol). We truly have some outstanding Young Single Adults in Poland.

Brother Jarosz showed up to the dance as a 'gangster'......Sister Jarosz is taking credit for his 'shiner'!

As the music started to play....the crowd started gathering....
There was a lot of talking at first, then......
Everyone was dancing....young and old! It was a great time. Polish people can dance!

Some had 'moves' that were too fast to even catch with the camera!

It was getting late for a missionary, but President and I found time to pose with our newest Missionaries in Poland...Dominik, who is headed to the Washington Tacoma Mission in May and Alex who will serve in the Romania Moldova Mission in March. We are VERY proud to send these great YSAs out into the mission field....representing Poland AND their Savior, Jesus Christ. They will both be great missionaries.

Another bonus! We were able to meet Patryk from Katowice. Patryk has recently returned from serving a 2-year mission in Scotland. We are so glad he came with the other YSAs from Katowice to attend the dance and celebrate the New Year in Warsaw. We could tell he was a great missionary!
As a tired Mission President and his wife went home early (by YSA standards), we unfortunately missed many wonderful activites....such as letting off paper lanterns into the sky...I wanted to see that :( A big THANK YOU to our YSA's for putting on a wonderful New Years event! It was enjoyed by all!

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