Saturday, December 31, 2011

Siostra Modzelewska receives her Mission Call !

As we were all gathering for our New Years Dance at the Wolska Chapel, there was some important business that needed to take place...
Alex has received a very important letter from the Prophet.
She announced to everyone, with great joy, that on March 6, 2012, she will be reporting to the MTC in Provo. She will be serving in the ROMANIA MOLDOVA MISSION.

Just a small part of the group that was gathered for the announcement. We are all so excited for Alex to serve her mission. She is prepared and will be the first Polish member to serve in Romania. Congratulations on this wonderful blessing and assignment! We love you, Alex!

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  1. Salut! (Romanian for hello!)
    I just received my call this week to serve in the Romania/Moldova mission also. My name is Sarah Ewell and I am from Salt Lake City. I am very excited to see Alex in the MTC. I report April 18th. Does she speak much English? I would love to email with her.
    I wish her the best!


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