Sunday, December 18, 2011

Warsaw Christmas Musical 17 Dec 2011

Several weeks ago, these talented members came up with a wonderful idea...Let's have a Christmas Musical Fireside where members and investigators can come and enjoy the Christmas spirit. Thank you, Sister Wood and Brother Pew, for the work you did to make this a very special night. It was wonderful!

There is nothing like the sound of a harp at Christmas time! Sister Wood not only accompanied the congregation but played some wonderful solos for us as well. She is fabulous!

Sister Wood, Elder Myler and Sister Bailey 'practicing' for the soon-to-start program.

Elder Myler was at his best tonight as he made the organ in the wolska chapel sound as if it was the organ in the conference Center in Salt Lake City. Such talent!

Our Warsaw II sisters, Sister Jones and Sister Bailey, sang a Polish Christmas duet.

The Warsaw Missionary Choir was fabulous! Sisters Peck, Mann, Bailey, Sheets, Garcia and Jones. Elders Johnson, Curtis, Murphey, Dabrowksi, Walter, Hillyard, Sorn, Krzyminski and Dopp.

Elder Myler was in charge of our Missionary Choir...making sure that everyone came in on the correct note.

Elder Dopp sang a beautiful solo to begin one of their numbers.

With not much time to practice, Elder Myler had these missionaries singing like the Tabernacle Choir in no time. Could that be because his father is actually IN the Mormon Tabernacle Choir?

A Polish Christmas song, Przybiezeli do Betlejem, was sung by Ula and her son, Maciek. (I am convinced that Ula, our Church Public Relations Representative here in Poland,can do anything!

The Armstrong Family sang Stars Were Gleaming...a sweet Christmas song found in the "Children's Hymnbook".

The Jagards, both Polish returned missionaries living in Warsaw, sang the popular Polish Christmas song, Lulajze Jezuniu.

What makes a successful Christmas program besides beautiful music? A great Narrator! And we had one...President Zelonka, Warsaw I Branch President. One never tires of hearing or reading the Christmas Story from the Book of Luke found in the Bible.

This weekend, Christmas parties were being held in many of our branches in Poland. Some were big...and some were small. But all had a great time celebrating the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

The Gdansk Branch sent this photo to me as they finished up decorating their chapel for Christmas. (LtoR): Marzena and President Kempa, Elders Waits and Berry. (Sitting): Sister Lewis, Sisters McAdams and Steadman.


After Sister Woods played her harp in Sacrament Meeting, it was time to (try) to load it up in the transporter to get it safely back to their apartment. Brother Jarosz and Brother Wood help with the manuevering.

We will certainly miss the Wood family as they are packing and heading back to the States in two weeks. Brother Wood is a Polish returned missionary and has helped in so many ways in the Branch. We will also miss the Wood kids in Primary....they bring a great spirit! (Their oldest daughter, Lydia, was home sick.)

Since the transporter is a church vehicle, only Missionaries and other authorized persons are allowed to drive it. Thank You, Elder Peck, for helping out....and the harp made it home, safe and sound!

This was a great weekend with the Christmas spirit. Not only in Warsaw but around the country most of the Branches held socials and had activities that were wonderful. Thank you members, missionaries and friends for being involved and sharing the message of the Gospel through word and deed.


  1. Thank you for this amazing post. You are so wonderful to document everything. Everyone did a beautiful job. I hope Elder Myler's parents will see this comment, because I have been wanting to tell them how amazing their son is. I just loved his arrangements. I hope he will publish them sometime. I wish we could have recorded them so you could hear how beautiful it was.

  2. And a BIG thank you for letting us use the van. We were impressed with Elder Peck's excellent navigational skills!

  3. What a wonderful idea! Way to go, Erin! I wish we could have been there to hear Erin play and everyone else sing/play (like the Jagards.). Such a great way to invite the spirit for Chris

  4. It sounds like it was a wonderful evening. We would have loved to have been there! We're so grateful that Elder Myler was able to use his talents in serving the wonderful people of Poland. It sounds like there are a lot of very talented people in this mission. Thanks again, Sister Nielson for this wonderful blog!
    ~Doug and Julie Myler


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