Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Katowice Christmas Zone Conference 12 Dec 2011

The Christmas Zone Conferences are off and going. The first stop this week is Katowice. Seated Elders and Sisters McGrath (Katowice) and Jensen(Wroclaw). Standing- Elders Klosowiak, Van Bakel, Siebert, Pofelski, Hancock, Hayes, Jensen, Kalinowski and Gudnason. Sisters Stay, Folsom, Forsey and Marshall. What a great group of missionaries!
When we arrived from Warsaw the Senior Couples had everything ready to go. I can't thank them enough for their help and preparations
At the same time the missionaries were in the YSA Center preparing Hymnbooks. Elders Van Bakel, Klosowiak, Gudnason and Siebert with Sisters Forsey and Marshall.

In the morning we watched the First Presidency Christmas Devotional and then had our own Christmas program where everyone participated and the music was truly inspirational. Our mission has the best voices anywhere.
After the Program we had lunch that had been prepared.
Lunch was delicious. Elders Siebert, Hayes, Hooker and Van Bakel. Sisters Folsom and Stay.
Elders Klosowiak, Pofelski, Kalinowski, Dabrowski, Hillyard and McGrath.
Sisters McGrath, Forsey, Marshall with Elders Jensen, Hancock and Gudnason.

With Elder and Sister Jensen. Following a great lunch we headed out on the streets to do some Christmas Caroling. This turned out to be a great event.

We stopped on a busy street and started singing Chrismas carols. People were amazed at the singing. Missionaries were contacting and talking to people as they stopped.

While the parents of these two little cuties were talking with the missionaries, I just had to take their picture. The Polish children are adorable!!!!

Sisters Marshall and Stay are fearless at contacting people. They can stop anyone...anywhere!

Elders Hillyard and Hayes on the other side of the street contacting as well.

It was a great day for contacting and singing the songs of Christmas. Everyone who went by felt something great this day.
Back to the Chapel for Birthday acknowledgments. Elder Jensen was in the Birthday group... again. This is a standing joke- we sing to him just about every month. Elders Hooker and Gudnason are for real... me, too.
Our Sisters group picture before we headed back out and home: Sisters McGrath, Stay, Folsom, Forsey, Jensen and Marshall.
And the Elders: Sitting: McGrath, Jensen; Standing: Kalinowski, Hancock, Hooker, Gudnason, Pofelski, Hayes, Siebert, Jensen, Van Bakel and Klosowiak. A great day and a wonderful conference. The music was wonderful and the spirit was motivating and special.

We headed back to Warsaw that night. Now, on to Poznan for the Bydgoszcz Christmas Zone Conference.

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