Friday, December 16, 2011

Warsaw ll Christmas Social. 16 Dec 2011

Friday night, December 16, 2011, was a fun night at the Warsaw II Branch. Well over 100 people attended the Branch Christmas Party where we had a great program and a wonderful dinner. We enjoyed visiting with members, investigators, missionaries and so many friends who just dropped by.

Anja and Marcin are always ready to help with anything. Marcin organized an annual charity event to Zelwagi the week before. We were glad they were with us tonight.

The Primary room was overflowing as the kids in the branch had their own Christmas Feast. A big thank you to Marcin, Beata, Ella and Asia for 'manning the fort' in the Primary room.

Dominik and his Grandmother-- who is so proud of him. He is waiting for his mission call, and his Grandmother had many questions about all of this. We told her this is the greatest thing he could do at this stage of his life.

People all over the world love to gather in small hallways...I'm not sure why, but most of the hallways tonight were crammed-full of people visiting. It was often impossible to pass through!

Slawek and Jerzy who was making sure everyone had enough to eat!

Of course, in the quiet chapel there was another meeting going on... Presidents all talking about something. President Armstrong (Warsaw District First Counselor) and President Staples (Warsaw ll Branch President).

Asia, 4-week old Izabela and Monika catching up. Asia has moved to Hungary and is back in Poland for the Christmas holidays.

Karina and Dorota. Karina looks great with her brace-less smile!

Alex (still waiting for her mission call...) and Nasa having a good time just talking. We were so glad they both came tonight and were with us.

Sister Pickett and Sister Staples taking a minute to relax and breathe. Sister Pickett was in charge of the evening, and Sister Staples is kept busy in the Branch as the Branch President's wife.

Brat Herman and his wife (far right) with Anja and Teadore.

Gosia and Anetta...two wonderful sisters who do so much for the Branch.

Anja and Anja enjoy the night with Sisters Bailey and Jones.

Sister Armstrong (she and her three young daughters song so beautifully in the program earlier!) and Sister Baudwin take a moment to talk and visit.

Krzystof, Jerzy and Claudia....Krzystof sang a great Polish Christmas song that everyone enjoyed.

Two familiar faces (Adam and Ewa) from Katowice were in Warsaw and had time to stop by and visit.

Richard Nabozny who served as First Counselor in the Mission Presidency before leaving for Hungary. It was great to see Richard and his family tonight. We miss them and are glad they are doing so well in school and in raising a cute little family.

Tonight was really a wonderful event. The music in the program was great. Many participated and the food that the members provided was delicious. This really helped all of us feel the Christmas Spirit...The Spirit of Christ.

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