Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years Day...on the road to Bialystok.

President and I got out the door by 6:30 am on New Year's Day. Our destination was Bialystok to visit the Branch and our Missionaries there. As you can see...we seemed to be the only ones that wanted to venture the roads on this day...
Even the divided highways were empty. But we weren't complaining. To us, it was a wonderful day to travel!
At times, the fog got quite dense. Occasionally, a car or two would travel by on the other side of the road.
Our first truck! A milk truck! Finally, within 20 minutes of arriving in Bialystok, President was able to pass his first truck of the day. It was the only truck on the road this morning.

Bialystok traffic was VERY light, too! This is a main intersection in is 10:00 am. Everyone must still be home recuperating from New Years Eve activities. Again...we are NOT complaining!

As we traveled through town, we thought for sure that we would start seeing a little traffic. It didn't happen. But guess who WAS out and about on this New Year's Day?

The police were wide awake and were kept busy pulling the few drivers that were on the road over to give them a ticket! And guess what... we weren't one of them! We had made great time getting to Bialystok this morning. No need to push our luck! (I am glad we were on this side of the road also)

Getting to the chapel, we found these two great Elders, Elder Hannemann and Elder Sheridan, who were set up and ready for church.
President was able to attend Branch Council meeting with the Elders and President Libbert, the Branch President.
Attendance was lean on this New Year's Day. Several members were visiting family for the holidays. Even though our numbers were few, it was a great service; and there was a great spirit in the Branch. (L toR): Krzystof, Ella and Karolina, Elder Hannemann, Elder Sheridan, President Libbert and Dorota.

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  1. I'll be willing to bet that the reason the police were pulling people over was the same reason the roads were so empty (besides that people were home sleeping) and the same reason we didn't go to church on Sunday: DRUNK DRIVERS. I'm glad you guys made it safely!


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