Friday, January 13, 2012

Zone Leader Council...January 13, 2012

New faces at our Zone Leader Council...a meeting that is usually held the first Thursday or Friday of every month. This was a busy day. Everyone was excited for planning, goals and the business at hand. Because of transfers, this meeting was moved to this week as we have new Zone Leaders:
Elders Sorn and Hooker, new Zone Leaders in the Bydgoszcz Zone. They had not even been to their apartment in Bydgoszcz yet.

The Zone Leaders in the Katowice Zone- Elders Klosowiak and Waits.

Elders Hancock and Siebert the Zone Leaders now in Warsaw.

The Assistants, Elders Krzyminski and Dabrowski. Elder Krzyminski is our new Assistant, and we welcome him with open arms. These are wonderful leaders in the mission whom the President relies on heavily.

The Assistants are leading a discussion on goals and things to report on in three weeks when this group gets back on the monthly schedule again.

The topics for discussion and implimentation in each zone.

The morning session quickly sped by and the office elders joined us for lunch. Then we all celebrated ...

...Elder Siebert's birthday. Elder and Sister Peck came in with homemade Brownies, and we all sang a big STO LAT to this great Elder. We love him, and we were glad we were all together to wish him a great day.

(Finding birthday candles can be a little tricky here, so....we have to ration them!)

While the Council meeting was going on, I was with Elders Curtis and Tanner finishing the last few items for the monthly newsletter- the Dobra Strona.

Elder Curtis had a busy day and was glad our newsletter is completed. It only took a few hours; but with the Zone Leaders in and everything going on, it can be exhausting...

Thank you Elders Tanner and Curtis for helping with the Dobra Strona, and everything else in the office. There is much to do, and we are thankful for them and the Pecks for handling so much, so often. I love my missionaries, this Mission and this Church...especially the honor and privilege of serving the Lord.

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