Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday...a trip to Lublin ending with a great fireside.

Yes, it's January 8th...and we finally have OUR first sighting of snow in Poland....just a few kilometers from Lublin. This snowplow driver is hoping to drum up some business! He has been very lonely so far this winter...
Even though Poland is short of snow this year, it is NOT short of people learning to drive..."L's" is what we refer to them as. If you look closely, you see 3 "L's" at the same intersection. This does not count the other 8 we saw coming into Lublin.
Our first stop this Sunday morning was at the Lublin Elders apartment. Elders Marsing and Roberts were ready for us. There are great Elders in this branch.
Church in Lublin is an 'international' affair! Cody, from Taiwan, (far right) did a great job conducting today. Mikolaj (next to Cody is the Branch Translator). Czarek helps from the audience if Mikolaj can't think of the word. It was a great combination! We thank these priesthood brethren for all they do.
The Lublin Relief Society. Grace, Jasmine, Beata, Marlyna and Beata.
The Branch Translator has a birthday coming up....17! His mom was kind enough to make a great cake and share it with the Branch. Beata thinks of everything! She is wonderful!
It is always great to visit Lublin. We have great members there and some great Investigators whom our members are fellowshipping. We missed the Mecham family and the Potters and can't wait until they return from the states.
Returning home to Lublin, President needed to hurry. We had a group of YSA's coming over for a fireside....and someone had to let them in the Mission Home!
Some of our great Warsaw YSA's. If you don't see yourself in this picture, WE MISS YOU! You are always welcome to join us....always!
Our speakers for the night: Patryk, who recently returned from serving his mission in Scotland and the Jensens, our new YSA couple assigned to Warsaw.
Elder Dabrowski celebrated his birthday with us we incorporated a great Birthday Cake into the refreshments. Yes, a round of 'Sto Lat' was sung! We appreciate this good Assistant (and his companion!) for all they do to strengthen the mission.
The refreshment table was 'the place to be' after the fireside.

WE LOVE OUR YSA'S ....whether they live in Warsaw, Lodz, Kielce, Katowice.....wherever! We love them and there are some great events upcoming.

It was a great day for us in Poland. The fireside was "the icing on the cake" (and Elder Dabrowski's as well).

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