Friday, January 6, 2012

Sisters Allen, Bailey and Briggs depart for home. 6 Jan 2012

Three of our faithful Sisters are returning home after serving successful missions in Poland. Instead of the customary trip to Adam's Tie Factory on their last day in the mission, these Sisters opted to visit a Polish Pottery Shop where they were able to pick up some last minute gifts for loved ones! (LtoR): Sister Briggs (Family History Center), Sister Allen and Sister Bailey.
After a nice meal together and a testimony meeting, it was time to leave 'a little something' behind in Poland to be remembered by! Sister Allen gave a piece of a sweater that had lovingly been worn so much that it was thread-bare at the elbows!
Sister Bailey gave a piece of a shirt that had seen many days teaching the people of Poland the restored gospel.
And Sister Briggs gave a piece of her dress that had seen her through 2 missions...finally to be retired in Poland.
All these pieces of material, full of memories, will be somehow melded together into a quilt that will be a remembrance to all who contributed to it. Get ready, Lynette (my quilting friend in Las Vegas)....I am going to need some help with this project! Start thinking!
The next morning, amid 'traces' of snow, our great Assistants (Elders Hillyard and Dabrowski) showed up to load all the luggage into the Transporter to head to the airport. These Elders are such a great support to the mission....and even find time to do missionary work of their own.
At the Airport.....saying our last good-byes! We will miss these great Sisters. They have worked hard, been obedient and have given 110% to the cause of bringing the gospel to the people of Poland. Don't forget us! Keep the mission in your prayers! We love you and appreciate your sacrifice. (LtoR): Sisters Bailey, Allen and Briggs.

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  1. Sister Briggs was so amazing to have in Warsaw I. She will be so missed by the nursery kids especially!


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