Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Visiting the Warsaw I District Meeting...Jan. 31, 2012

President is finishing up his interviews with the missionaries. Today we visited the Warsaw l District. Sisters Sheets, Garcia and Smithee along with Elders Myler, Walter, Kalinowski (from Lodz as Elder Hancock in on an exchange there with Elder Gladun) and Siebert. These are the last of the Kinder Eggs and also the latest edition of the Dobra Strona.

Elder Myler's lesson today was one of his own choosing. Besides being a gifted musician, he has the best penmanship in the mission. We walked in, and I thought this had been 'stenciled off' it was so perfect. It was a great lesson---organization and clarity really make a difference.

As we "role played", the missionaries used a Dreidel (a spinning top) that would land on a number. Each number represented a 'situation' that you had to role play. Very spontanious and very "think on your feet". Elders Walter and Siebert are waiting to see what 'situation' they will be dealing with.

They reversed things and Sisters Smithee and Garcia taught the two investigators- Elders Walter and Siebert.

Its been really cold in Warsaw this past week. Today was no exception. The high was 8 degrees F and the low was -2 degrees F. Elders Kalinowski and Siebert are ready to head out after District Meeting.

Elder Walter and Myler are finishing up and looking forward to success in their specific area.

Sister Garcia and Smithee are ready to brave the cold and apply the things taught in the lesson and meeting today. As the mission is reading the Book of Mormon together, we discussed Jacob 6 and 7 today as well. We hope that you are following along. If you have a missionary in Poland, please follow the reading schedule and discuss in your emails the thoughts you and your family are having as you read. Share your feelings, and ask your missionary for his or hers. There is strength in reading together, and it just isn't for Poland. I love my missionaries, this country, the members and for sure-- The Book of Mormon.


  1. Hearing about the biting cold is making South Florida in the winter look better and better. It was 78 degrees today and gorgeous! What kind of outer wear does one wear for weather that cold? I haven't lived in that kind of cold for over 25 years!

  2. Thank you for helping us understand what it will be like in Poland for our daughter, Rachel, when she arrives there. We love the photos on the blog too. We are so excited to have her experience the Mission, Poland and its people! This is where some of her ancestors are from and it means a lot to us that she will be serving in the land of her forefathers. -Sandy Peterson


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