Monday, January 9, 2012

With transfers comes...a Good-bye Dinner and Apartment Inspections!

It's transfer week...always an exciting week here at the mission home. This transfer we will be sending our 1st Assistant, Elder Hillyard, and our Mission Office Secretary, Elder Johnson, out into the field. We will miss them, but both are excited to be out doing Missionary work 100% of the time! (L to R): Elder Dabrowski-1st Assistant; Elder Tanner- new Mission Secretary; Elder Hillyard-being transferred to Krakow as a Trainer and District Leader; Elder Curtis-Mission Office Secretary; and Elder Johnson-being transferred to Gdansk.

To thank them for all the hard work they have done in the Office, we had a good-bye dinner where the elders were able to choose some favorite things to eat. Dessert ended up being 'Mudd'...always a favorite whenever it is served! Joining us were our great Office Couple, Elder and Sister Peck (Right) and Elder and Sister Jensen (Left) who today signed the lease for their new apartment in Warsaw. Moving day is tomorrow!

Along with transfers come the dreaded "Apartment Checks" which our wonderful Senior couples help with. This transfer, President and I were able to do several and we were pleasantly surprised! The Monday before transfers apartments are inspected so the incoming companion arrives to a clean living and studying environment.

Elder Dopp and Elder Murphey (District Leader) who serve in the Warsaw II Branch, had a spotless apartment. What was even more impressive was their 'fire safety' equipment was within reach sitting on top of the refrigerator...'just in case'!

Elder Marsing and Elder Roberts serving in Lublin also passed their Apartment Inspection with 'flying colors'. Check out the comments on the bottom of their inspection sheet.

Elder Hannemann and Elder Sheridan serving in Bialystok had a clean AND colorful apartment. Everything was in order.

Our Warsaw Zone Leaders, Elder Krzyminski and Elder Sorn set a great example for the rest of their Zone with a very clean apartment.

And finally, Elder Walter and Elder Myler (District Leader) serving in the Warsaw I Branch didn't disappoint us....another clean apartment. (And we even showed up an hour early by mistake!)

We love and appreciate all our Missionaries. Clean apartments are essential to having the Spirit, and they are doing everything they can to have the Spirit with them. These Elders all received high marks for cleanliness. Dziekuja bardzo.

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