Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Missionaries in the Poland Warsaw Mission. 10 Jan 2012

Our new missionaries from the MTC. It was a long flight but all arrived safely and all their luggage with them. They were a tired but very happy group to finally be in Poland!
Elders Szymanski, Manwill, Mikolyski, Sisters Smithee and Ence.

At our side waiting for our new missionaries were our (3?) Assistants, Elders Krzyminski, Dabrowski and Hillyard. This was one of Elder Hillyard's last official duties as an Assistant. He was celebrating with a Kinder Egg.

Guess who we ran into at the airport? Brother Armstrong...a great member of the Warsaw II Branch and counselor in the Warsaw District Presidency. He was there with the American Ambassador to Poland picking up some US government officials.

Leading the group was Sister Ence from Fairview, Utah. She is as bright and cheerful as her luggage and will be a delight to have in the mission field.

Elder Manwill from Annabella, Utah. Welcome and yes I know Annabella very well. Both of my parents grew up in small towns near there...Central (where many years ago, my Grandfather was the Bishop there for 20 years) and Joseph. I still have family in Joseph. Go South Sevier High!

Sister Smithee is from Anacortes, Washington. She was able to walk off the plane with a referral for the Assistants...impressive!

Elder Mikolyski resides in South Jordan, Utah. Read on....this missionary had a slight casualty but he is still all smiles.

And now the tallest Elder in our mission, welcome Elder Szymanski (6' 7"). He is from Salt Lake City and is a wonderful missionary already.

The walk out to the cars. They are building a new Marriott Hotel where our former favorite parking garage was. At least today the weather is pretty good and the walk wasn't long at all.

Elder Mikolyski gets a little help from Elder Krzyminski. The wheel broke off and it was easier to carry than to drag. Things always work out for the best.

Loading up the new van. There is plenty of room for luggage and passengers. We headed over to get pictures taken so tomorrow we can start the process of acquiring "residence cards" for two years. They are like getting a visa but much simplier (well it's supposed to be...).
While the Elders were finishing up having their pictures taken, I took the Sisters to the grocery store to show them a few tricks I have learned that will save them time and frustrations.
A quick bite to eat before heading to the mission home for a tour and to get unpacked for a couple of days. Elders Dabrowski, Hillyard, Manwill, Krzyminski, Szymanski, Mikolyski, Sisters Ence and Smithee.
Before it got dark (4:15pm) they walked over the the Wilanow Palace to see things and to keep them awake. It has been a long day for them. They came back, had interviews with the President; and we had dinner together.
Following dinner it was time for dessert. Polish ice cream and cookies. It was a great day with these incredible new missionaries. They are ready to go. Rather tired tonight but tomorrow they will be fresh and eager to see more of Poland and most of all- talk to everyone about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is so great to have missionaries arrive that are ready to hit the road running.

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