Tuesday, January 24, 2012

From Poznan to Bydgoszcz to.....HOME!

What are 5 members of the Warsaw Branches doing in Poznan this Sunday? Attending the 1st of several branch conferences being held in the Warsaw District! It was a wonderful conference with many great speakers and musical numbers from the Poznan Branch and the District leadership. Back Row: (L to R) President Dressler and his 2nd Counselor, President Armstrong, Brother Rzeczycki (supportive husband)! Front Row: Magda Dressler (supportive wife!), and Gosia Rzeczycka, District Relief Society President.
After the 2 hour conference, a nice lunch was served...pot luck style! Polish women know how to cook and are so generous in offering to bring things. It was a very nice lunch. Thank you, Poznan Branch! (Shown: Jola and Gosia)
The YSA's of Poznan....Grzegorz, Marta, Alicja, Karolina, Lydia and Bodek. A great group of young people!
After the dinner, the kitchen was full of great helpers! Marta, Regina (whose son, Viktor went into the MTC last Wednesday!) and Bozena!
What a great Sunday it was to be able to mingle and visit with not only the Missionaries but the great Branch members (and Investigators!) as well. It was a wonderful Sunday.
The next day, Monday....the Missionaries from Szczecin came in for District Meeting. Elder Marsing (District Leader serving in Poznan) meets Elder Fletcher (serving in Szczecin) for the 1st time...after having several discussions on the phone these 1st few weeks of transfers. They had never met and it was great to see instant brotherhood and love for each other.
Elder Marsing did a great job teaching 'The Role of the Holy Ghost in Conversion'. This new District Leader is learning fast!
At the end of every District Meeting comes a language review....accompanied by a few groans!
The Sisters in Poznan, Sister Sheahan and Sister Lepannen, feel pretty good about their answers.
Elders Fletcher and Rogers (serving in Poznan) look like they know the answers!
Elder Lundin (serving in Szczecin) has Elder Richards close by to help him if he needs it!
We had a little trading going on, also. President traded another Kinder Egg to Elder Marsing for some Taco Bell Hot Sauce packets. Elder Marsing was able to pick these little wonders up in Lublin from the Mecham family. Taco Bell Hot Sauce puts that 'extra touch' on Mexican food you make out in the mission field!
The Poznan District: Elders Rogers (Poznan and doing great!) Richards (Branch President and going strong) Fletcher (Szczecin and really a remarkable Elder) Marsing (Poznan District Leader and well organized) Lundin (Szczecin and a great missionary) Sisters Sheahan (Poznan and the best voice in the mission and Europe) Leppanen (Poznan and a wonderful missionary and gifted teacher) and Richards (Poznan, counselor to the Branch President, and everything else). We love these great missionaries.
ON THE ROAD AGAIN... from Poznan to Bydgoszcz we passed a new section of highway where they are building another great looking bridge. Perhaps next year we will get a picture of this completed. It was a cool design. The road will go straight through the double arches.
In Bydgoszcz we were able to meet with the Kagele family. What a great family that just moved here from the Netherlands. Thank you for such a nice night and wonderful hospitality! They are great people.
The next morning at the Bydgoszcz chapel. The Branch President (and doing marvelous) Michael Isaacs, stopped by to make sure everything was going well. Joining him are Elders Hooker, Ball, Sorn and Bode.
Elder Ball, the District Leader, gave a great lesson and led a wonderful discussion on "How to begin Teaching". This was a well planned out lesson and really involved the entire district.
Elder Hooker was the investigator, and Elder Ball was the missionary demonstrating on how important appearance is when representing the Lord and the Church.
Our Zone Leaders, Elders Hooker and Sorn, got some kind of a streamer that sailed through the air and had to demonstrate it. These are gifted athletic missionaries AND they are terrific missionaries of the Lord. They both are great!!
After our meetings and some interviews we ran over to Torun and met with one of the great families in Poland...the Skurzynskis! Conrad and Weronika were such great examples to their brothers and sisters all night.
These kids were GREAT during dinner....and a delight to be with. Of course, they deserved a Kinder-Egg! A special thank you to Weronika who sat by me all night helping me converse with her siblings in Polish. She is learning English and does an amazing job ....and is very patient!
We love this family. It is not easy to raise 6 kids in Poland; but these parents are doing a great job!
After a great visit, it was back on the road home to Warsaw. The interviews had come to an end. Next week are interviews in Warsaw and then up to Gdansk.
The road home wasn't too crowded and very few trucks. This was a welcome site, the backside of the downtown Rynek area in Warsaw. Behind us is the Wisla River. When we get to this point, I know it's about 10 minutes from home. "There's no place like home!" (Dorothy, The Wizard of Oz)It was a wonderful trip. We met with 75% of our missionaries and had some great visits with the Senior Couples as well. We met with some of the best people in the Church also on this trip around Poland. The members here are absolutley the BEST in the world. They are dedicated and live the gospel. If you want to find wonderful people, come to Poland! I love this mission, my missionaries and my extended family here in Poland!

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