Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Beginning of an 8 Day Interview Trip...

A Kinder Surprise Egg? This is my grandkids' favorite thing that I send to them from Poland. They love these surpise-filled chocolate eggs.
Most Americans have never seen one, so they warrant an explanation...You remove the foil from the chocolate egg and carefully break the egg in half. (Hint: gently press along the seal!) The 'surprise' is now visible! What could possibly be in that small container? You would be surprised!
A few samples of surprises....a stamp, a flashdrive, some cool glasses and even a balloon! Now, what do Kinder Surpise Eggs have to do with Missionaries and an Interview Trip? Each of our great missionaries received one! For many, it was their first. All were excited!

After some great interviews with President Nielson, these missionaries deserved a treat! Our hard working missionaries in Lodz: (LtoR): Elder Basha, Sister Jones, Elder Gladun (District Leader), Sister Ellis, Elder Szymanski, Elder Kalinowski and our wonderful Senior Couple, Elder and Sister Tarasevich. What a great job these missionaries are doing, and there is an exciting baptism coming soon!
We were able to spend some quality time with the Taraseviches and a few members of the Branch such as Jakub, the recently called Branch Mission Leader.

Next morning on the road to Kielce. Lots of fog and lots of traffic. For some reason it takes a lot of time to get out of Lodz. A great city but we always get stuck in traffic.

When the traffic lightened up, the fog thickened which caused President Nielson to not be able to use the wide open highway to his advantage! (If you can't see 10 feet in front of you, you don't drive very fast!)

An update on the snow in Poland. This is the first real snow we have seen. It covers the ground...barely.

Regardless of the lack of snow, the dependable snowplow is out on the road.....just in case!

We made it to Kielce where we met up with Elder Vreeken and Elder Gudnason. Being the great Elders they are, they deserved a Kinder Egg and a copy of the lastest Dobra Strona, the mission monthly newsletter.

While we were in Kielce, the Elders got a call from President Najberg...who we happily invited to join us for lunch. President Najberg is a great Branch President and there is some exciting news for that Branch this weekend...which President Pawlik will announce Sunday.

On the road again....this time we not only met up with lots of traffic which kept us from moving for 45 minutes, but we also discovered the reason. The truck on the left had flipped over and blocked the road. They had cranes out and finally had things cleared up. This was an awful mess. After seeing some of these accidents, we know we are being watched over.

The road from Kielce to Krakow. As mentioned in another post, these friendly guys camp out 47.7 kilometers from Krakow. We rounded the corner, and President told me to get the camera out because they would be waiting for us. He was right! Another ticket for another 'happy customer'...

This transfer, the city of Krakow received a new companionship.....There are now 4 Elders serving in this beautiful city (who all deserved a Kinder Egg!) (L to R): Elders Hillyard (District Leader), Manwill, Pofelski and Sheridan.

Recently two great families have moved into the Krakow Branch. We were all able to get together and visit after interviewing the Elders. We appreciate these families. They are a great strength to the Krakow Branch and will be staying in Poland for 3 years! Yeah! (LtoR): Mitch, Sarah and their children Felicity and Spencer; Carly and Jeff (who have 3 children).
On the road again...............this time to Katowice!
It's Thursday afternoon and all these Missionaries are anxious to be interviewed. There is much to do later that will soon see! (L to R): Elders Klosowiak and Waits (Zone Leaders); Elder Jensen (District Leader), Sisters Forsey and Marshall, Elder Van Bakel and Elder and Sister McGrath....who keep everything running smoothly! Thank you!

Elders Klosowiak and Waits with Tadeusz . These are great Zone Leaders and have been doing great things in Katowice. This is a wonderful Branch and has such a spirit about it.
Like I said, Thursday evening at the Katowice Branch is busy! At 6:00 PM English Classes are held.

This is the Advanced English class...taught by Sister McGrath who uses her professional teaching skills to keep this class fun and full of lots of participation!

The Intermediate English class is taught by our Zone Leaders, Elders Waits and Klosowiak. Each class always begins and ends with a prayer.....with a spiritual message mixed in the teaching hour.

The Beginning English Class...

...taught by Sisters Marshall and Forsey. English class is a great finding tool we use here in Poland. Some of our strongest members have been found through this program.

I happen to catch these 3 guys 'ditching' English class! Supposedly they were preparing for the next event being held right afterwards. These three are the strength of the Branch.

The Katowice Institute class included 3 investigators and some of the great members of the Branch (Adam, Dorota, Marta, Patryk, and the Adrians!) They are studying the Old Testament, and Adrian (holding the manual) gave a great lesson on following the prophet and the blessings that come from doing it. Lots of participation and some great insights were shared! Good job!

After Institute class was over, Patryk, Dorota and Marta joined Sisters Forsey and Marshall to practice a musical number they were going to perform Sunday at church. It sounded beautiful!

In the YSA room, another 'cultural' experience was going on....a little 'friendly' competition was taking place with Adam, Adrian and President Nielson. It was a great night. It is always great to spend time with the YSAs. They truly are the future of the church.

Well, this post covered 3 days of an 8 day Interview trip. It has been a whirlwind tour...but an enjoyable one. There is no place we'd rather be than mingling with our missionaries and the great members of Poland. It is an honor to associate with you all! We love you!

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