Thursday, February 2, 2012

Zone Leader Council Meeting- Its Freezing in Warsaw!!

Once again, it's our monthly Zone Leader Council meeting. Elders Klosowiak and Waits (Katowice Zone); Elders Sorn and Hooker (Bydgoszcz Zone); Elders Hancock and Siebert (Warsaw Zone). Sitting: Our great Assistants: Elders Krzyminski and Dabrowski. This was a great meeting despite the bitter cold weather outside. We made plans for our upcoming Zone Conferences in two weeks.

Looks like our Warsaw Zone Leaders have gone shopping! The entire country is getting ready for the Euro Cup which will be held in Poland and the Ukraine in June. Elders Hancock and Siebert have on different ties but the same theme of the Euro Cup.

Elder Klosowiak's birthday was a few days ago. Since desserts aren't his 'thing'...we had Mexican 7-layer dip and tortilla chips to celebrate the event. Everyone was thrilled!
Elder Klosowiak is very health conscience, and this made his day.

With the entire Office staff out doing legal work for a few hours, Alex offered to 'man' the office. No trouble understanding polish today! This was a very busy day as she was trying to get ready for her mini-mission to Wroclaw. She will serve in Wroclaw for two weeks, then go to the Freiberg temple for five days, then back to Warsaw, hear Elder Christofferson and then fly to the Prove MTC on March 5.

The next morning, it was early and VERY cold....We are on our way to take Alex to the train station where she will be picked up by her companions, Sisters Stay and Folsom. Her first full day on her mini-mission consists of an exciting event! Stay tuned! This morning it was -12F in Warsaw. This is not Las Vegas weather! (President reminds me of what I said two years ago just before we were called. We had been told that we would be called as a Mission President but we didn't know where. So I made the comment, "Wouldn't it be fun to be sent to a cold place so I could buy a cute coat and scarf?" He reminds of that statement everyday it is cold (there have been a number of days so far...). But I love Poland, the weather, the people, the new Zone Leaders and all of my missionaries.

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