Thursday, February 16, 2012

What REAL Cold Weather can cause....

This morning after meetings and getting things ready for the next couple of weeks, we headed over to the Wolska Chapel. We met Godrey who was out removing the snow (which finally fell in Poland). The water pipes froze.... were repaired... then froze again and broke. After getting the pipes in that part of the building repaired, pipes broke in another area causing some real damage.
The water pipes run above the ceiling. When they broke, the water caused the ceiling to collapse. This is the hallway going from the foyer back to the Primary room and Kitchen area.

The water started to run into the Cultural Hall and on the wood floor but didn't get too far. The classroom carpets were wet as was a few feet into the Chapel. This is the only part of the ceiling that collapsed. The library was damaged as well as book shelves.

In the basement, this is our heating system. This area started to collect with water and was controlled before it flooded the Main Electrical panels. Thank you Brat Zielonka, Godrey, Brat Jarosz, President Dresler, Sisters Dresler, Zelewska, Sheets and others for cleaning up and being there to prevent worse damage.

While this was going on in Warsaw at the Wolska Chapel, things in Poznan were getting wet as well. This picture of the Poznan District was taken a few momths ago. Sisters Sheahan and Leppanen, with Elders Rogers, Buckner and Sister and Elder Richards were holding their meeting in their newly remodeled YSA Center. The water pipes on the floor above us broke one night. It came down and caused this....

The damage was such that the walls and ceiling needed to be removed and most everything will need to be replaced. Elder Richards has a good handle on what needs to be done and will see that it happens in fast order.

When the temperature drops to -25 C (-12 F) and below, these are the kinds of problems that occur. I would have to say that a great job to have in Poland right now would be a plumber...there seems to be plenty of work for them!


  1. Oh, how sad! I had heard about the frozen pipes but had no idea that they had burst and caused so much damage. What's with running the plumbing through the ceiling, by the way? As a final note, I mentioned Polish plumbers in a lecture today, though this was about the ones who went to work abroad after 2004 and made it hard to get plumbers in Poland. Let's hope they're back now!

  2. Precision Pump is a Grundfos warranty station. Need a service call????


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