Wednesday, February 8, 2012

WARSAW Zone Conference

The Warsaw Zone: Back Row: Elders Krzyminski, Szymanski, Hancock, Myler, Dabrowski, Basha, Curtis. Third Row: Elders Roberts, Siebert, Lyzwinski, Hannemann, Gladun, Walter, Kalinowski, Kennedy, Dopp, Tanner, Mikolyski, and Murphey. Second Row: Sisters Smithee, Garcia, Jones, Ellis, Mann and Ence. Seated: Sister Sheets, Elder and Sister Jensen. It is so great to meet with these outstanding missionaries. We met at Warsaw ll today. Good thing as a water pipe in the Wolska Chapel broke and caused a mess.

Our Assistants, Elders Dabrowski and Krzyminski, taught another great session on using short statements when teaching, asking inspired questions and making promises as you testify.

Lunch time was in the Relief Society room. Sisters Mann, Garcia, Jones, Ence, Ellis and Smithee enjoy each other's company.

Elder and Sister Peck were able to leave the mission office and Sister Sheets left the Family History Center in good hands so they could attendance today.

Elders Roberts, Siebert, Myler, Kennedy, Kalinowski, Krzyminski and Dabrowski.

Elders Szymanski, Mikolyski, Walter and Dopp.

Elders Curtis, Murphey, Hancock, Gladun, Hannemann, Tanner and Basha.

Those who had birthdays or will have a birthday in the next few weeks were: Elders Basha, Walter, Sister Jones, Elders Dabrowski, Siebert, Kennedy and Roberts. Sto Lat, everyone!

In our last interview trip around the country, President met with a few missionaries before we made the big "Kinder Egg" purchase. So to make sure everyone got one of these prize treats we honored the ones who missed out- Elders Kennedy, Mikolyski, Roberts and Hannemann.

After lunch we had more training sessions including our 'surprise' White Missionary Handbook Chase. Here Elders Basha and Szymanski are searching along with Elders Hancock and Siebert.

You had to find the correct answer along with your companion. Elder Dabrowski was pointing out who had the correct answers.

Everyone did very well.

The Official "Did Very Well" finishers were Elders Mikolyski and Kennedy. When we did this with Preach My Gospel, Elder Kennedy also "Did Very Well". Congratulations to Elder Kennedy for always being so well prepared.

Our Zone Leaders led the training in the afternoon. Both Elders Siebert and Hancock did an extremely good job in demonstrating and teaching.

The Lodz District: Elders Kalinowski, Szymanski, Basha and Gladun (District Leader) along with Sisters Jones and Ellis.

The Warsaw l District: Elders Myler (District Leader), Walter, Roberts and Hannemann (both serving in Bialystok), Hancock and Siebert (Zone Leaders) with Sisters Smithee, Garcia and Sheets.

The Warsaw ll District: Elders Krzyminski & Dabrowski (Assistants), Curtis, Mikolyski & Kennedy (both serving in Lublin), Dopp, Tanner and Murphey (District Leader). Sisters Ence and Mann with Elder and Sister Jensen (YSA).

We love all these great missionaries. They are the Best! It is truly a blessing to be around them.


  1. Thanks Sis Nielson for posting all these pictures and the narration, it is nice to see our son on his mission. We really appreciate it!

  2. Looks like you all had a fun Zone Conference. Keep up the good work.


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