Friday, February 10, 2012

Zone Conferences come to an end in BYDGOSZCZ!

This the our last stop on the Zone Conference tour. Each has been wonderful and each is different. Today was no exception. This was a great day ! The Bydgoszcz Zone:Top Row: Elders Sorn, Ball, Rogers, Bode and Fletcher. Middle Row: Elders Hooker, Johnson, Marsing, Lundin and Berry. Seated: Sisters Leppanen, Sheahan, Steadman and McAdams. They are a great zone of dedicated missionaries.
Ten minutes before the meeting started the Elders were all seated and ready to go. They looked so great I could not help but get a picture of them.
Our Assistants, Elders Dabrowski and Krzyminski, with the Zone Leaders, Elders Sorn and Hooker. They, too, were ready and prepared.
Being the first speaker at each Zone Conference, I spoke of the importance of being committed to our callings....that of a representative of Jesus Christ. After the morning training we had to wait a few minutes for the mini-pizzas to arrive so we went right into...
... our White Missionary Handbook Chase. This was a well prepared group. Everyone knew the answers; but just as important, where to find them!
And as they should, everyone came with the White Missionary Handbook on their possession. This was an un-announced "chase", so it was great that all were prepared.
The questions consisted of everything between "Who approved the guidelines in the Missionary Handbook?" (p. 1) to "Can a missionary chew gum?" (p.42)

All my years of being involved in Scripture Mastery Chases in Seminary have really paid off! Who would have ever thought the skills learned there would come in so handy in the mission field?

The "very well prepared" companionship was Elders Berry and Johnson who are serving in Gdansk. These are great men and we appreciated their leadership and dedication. It was a very cold day in Bydgoszcz, so the hot chocolate mix was appreciated!

As we were finishing up the morning business, the Zone Leaders ran down the street and picked up our lunch. The wonderful warm pizzas from a shop around the corner!

And lunch was enjoyed by all! (LtoR): Sisters Steadman, Sheahan, Leppanen and McAdams with Elders Rogers and Marsing.

Jerzy and Andrzej (shown with Elders Fletcher and Hooker) came by to help us find some cleaning supplies as there is snow in Bydgoszcz, and we were tracking it inside the building. These great members cleaned everything for us while we were in training. Thank you so much! We appreciate you both! If we had time, we would have taken Andrzej out to the go kart-track and showed him how to drive. He has a reputation of being a fast driver!

The Gdansk District: Sisters McAdams and Steadman. Elders Johnson and Berry (District Leader).

The Poznan District: Sisters Sheahan and Leppanen. Elders Rogers, Marsing (District Leader), Lundin and Fletcher (both serving in Szczecin).

The Bydgoszcz District: Elders Ball (District Leader), Sorn, Hooker and Bode.

I can't say enough about our Sister Missionaries. They work hard, they never complain and they are obedient! Having only 7 companionships spread out all over the mission, they really enjoy getting together when they can. We love our Sisters!

It has been a great day with this wonderful zone. As these conferences come to an end, we have all learned and felt things that will assist and guide us. These missionaries have great faith and accomplish great works. We love them all and appreciate their individual talents and abilities. We also have great news! There is a baptism in Bialystok tomorrow! It's home to Warsaw tonight and over to Bialystok in the morning to attend that great event.

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