Monday, February 27, 2012

Visiting's been a while!

GDANSK: This is one of several stadiums that have been built around Poland to accommodate the 2012 Euro Cup being held in Ukraine and Poland in June. Each one is very unique. This is one of my favorites.....when the sun hits it right (which there was NO sun this trip!) or at night when they light up the entire stadium, it glows like a piece of amber! Very appropriate as it is situated close to the Baltic Sea where much of the amber of the world is found. It will hold approximately 70,000 people. The stadium is finished. The parking lot..........well, they still have a few months to work on it, thank heavens!
Saturday Night: When we go to Gdansk, one of the highlights is being able to spend a little time with the Kempa's (front) and the Lewis' (back). These two couples are fun to visit with, and President Kempa has a 'knack' for picking wonderful but inexpensive restaurants.
Of course, we invited the great missionaries who serve in Gdansk. (LtoR): Sisters Steadman and McAdams; Elders Johnson and Berry. You will see more of them later in the post!
Sunday Morning: The Branch leadership is there early... ready to welcome the Saints to the Gdansk Branch. Brother Lewis (1st Counselor), President Kempa (Branch President), and Elder Johnson and Elder Berry.
Sunday School: The missionaries had prepared a wonderful lesson on how to help Investigators feel welcome when they come to church. It even included some 'Role-Play' which the members loved. It's ALWAYS good to practice. It was very well done. Good job, Elders and Sisters!
Gospel Principles Class: Meanwhile in the Gospel Principles class, President Kempa was instructing Investigators and new members on the basic principles of the gospel. It is exciting to see them understand more fully Heavenly Father's plan for them. (L to R):Irena, Joseph, Lydia, and Ania.
Relief Society: We had a lesson taken from the 2011 November Conference Issue on 'The Blessings of Eternal Marriage'. Wioletta, the Relief Society President, did a beautiful job leading the discussion. What a wonderful group of women we have in the Gdansk Relief Society!
Primary: Marzena and Sister Lewis were team-teaching Claudia. Their lesson today was on Noah's Ark. Klaudia carefully painted a wooden ark so the animals would have a safe place to get out of the rain! We are grateful to Marzena and her English skills as she helps Sister Lewis (Primary President) communicate with Klaudia.
Meetings after Church: The Relief Society Presidency met after church to plan an activity. Sisters Steadman and McAdams offer such great leadership help as these women are learning to lead, love and serve one another. (L to R): Wioletta with Klaudia, Sisters Steadman and McAdams and Helina.

This small branch is functioning well. We love to visit the members here. They are faithful, and they are striving to grow the church in this area. There are some big changes coming to this Branch. Watch for them!

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  1. It is awesome to see the sisters in the Gdansk Branch still so active and strong. Siostra Braszka, Helina, and Wioletta....such great examples of stability and leadership in the North. Also, awesome to see Sister Steadman (my Cousin) serving in the same area I did many years ago!


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