Sunday, February 12, 2012

Kielce Branch Conference 12 Feb 2012

Sunday was Branch Conference in Kielce. It was an historic day, because Kielce is now an official Branch in the Church with its own unit number. It has been a 'group' belonging to the Krakow Branch. Many have thought it was a Branch, but in fact it has been functioning as a 'group'. Kielce is now an official Branch in the Church. With 21 in attendance today, it is time to find a meeting place. The extra room in the missionaries' apartment is too small; and as a Branch, we can meet somewhere other than a room in a home or apartment.

President Pawlik (Katowice District President) with President Najberg (Branch President) and Karol, soon to be the first missionary from this Branch. A great day and a tremendous spirit in this wonderful branch.

Our great Elders (Vreeken and Gudnason) with their investigator. These hard working missionaries have many good things going on, and they are loved by the members.

I had the combined Relief Society and Priesthood lesson today. I had Ewi translate for me. She is 12 years old and did a marvelous job!

My lesson was on having a strong foundation. I asked the Pawlik children to sing "The Wise Man and the Foolish Man" ---in Polish. It was a hit! They did a super job of singing and even had the hand movements down. Way to go Ewi, David, Aaron and Spencer!

It was a beautiful day, and the sun was out. What a great day to be in Poland. Beautiful weather, a newly created Branch, baptisms and just blessings everywhere.

As we make these drives (that's what we do), we occasionally look for clean rest stops. So today President found a small, clean and private rest stop. I am not sure if his understanding of small, clean and private is the same as mine.....

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