Sunday, February 19, 2012

Lodz Branch Conference 19 Feb 2012

It was Branch Conference today in Lodz. Before the meetings began, the Relief Society Sisters gathered to put together a light luncheon for all the members afterwards. It was a real 'team effort' and everyone helped.
Magda and Wioletta, two great sisters who can do everything....especially translate. Thank you both for MANY faithful hours of service.
The Elders (Kalinowski, Gladun, Szymanski and Basha) with our Aaronic Priesthood holder- Draman...a future missionary of the Lodz Branch!
The Lodz Branch Choir: These Polish Saints sounded wonderful! Elder Kalinowski did a great job as the choir director. It is amazing the talents you develop in so many areas when you are on a mission. This is a great branch. Sister Soo in the front was at the temple a few weeks ago and her smile is still a bright as ever.

Sebastian and Dominika. Sebastian is one of the newest member in the Branch. He was baptized the end of January. He is a great addition to the Lodz Branch. We love and appreciate his strong testimony.
Sister Ellis and Sister Jones with Teresa, her son Ramuald and granddaughter, Pamela. Teresa is actually the newest member of the Lodz Branch...having been baptized just days ago.
The Lodz Branch Relief Society Presidency...Mirka, Maria (President) and Wioletta. These Sisters each spoke today in Conference. What a great love they all have for the sisters in their Branch. They are leading by example as they serve so diligently. Thank you, Sisters, for your
dedicated service. You are making a difference!
After a long day, Elder Tarasevich, our Branch President in Lodz signals that is was a successful Sunday. He and Sister Tarasevich are wonderful in their callings. This is a great branch, and everyone is serving and contributing. We had such a nice time visiting with the members and missionaries alike. Lodz is doing well!

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