Tuesday, February 14, 2012

FEB 14- Warsaw ll District Meeting and YSA Valentines Day

We attended the Warsaw ll District Meeting this morning. Every other week the Lublin missionaries travel into to Warsaw to attend District Meeting. Today the Assistants are on an exchange in Lodz and the District missed them. (L to R):Elder and Sister Jensen, Sister Peck, Elders Tanner, Murphey (District Leader), Dopp, Kennedy and Mikolyski (Lublin), Curtis and Dominik (he leaves in a few months for the Washington Tacoma Mission). Sisters Ence and Mann in the front.

The District Leader, Elder Murphey, led the discussion on what we learned from Zone Conference last week. We also took 5 minutes and discussed what we read from our Mission scheduled reading of the Book of Mormon (Mosiah 27) this morning. Elder Murphey did a great job in getting the entire District involved in the discussions.

Today is Valentine's Day and Sisters Mann and Ence made some Chocolate treats that I thought were store bought. They looked so professional but the taste was just as good if not better. Not to be over-looked, Elders Curtis and Tanner baked some "sugar cookies". They were great, too. You could tell they were made with love.

Speaking of bring love, cheer and SERVICE to others... While the district was finishing up on goals and reviewing investigators needs, all the Elders were asked by Elder and Sister Jensen to take off their shoes....

This wonderful Senior Couple (YSA in Warsaw) went in the other room and shined eveyone's shoes. What a great act of service (and love) for others. Thank you Elder and Sister Jensen for not only talking about this but showing how to do it.

Everyone had a chance to "role play" a situation. Elders Kennedy and Mikolyski are using Bold Short Statments of Truth about the Book of Mormon while asking Inspired Questions and Promising Blessings. Elders Murphey and Dopp are the curious investigators. District Meeting was great, and we ended on time.

Tonight we attended a Valentine's Day Dinner with the Warsaw YSA's.

After a great Intitute lesson given by Mikolaj, the YSA's enjoyed 'Hawaiian Haystacks"...and did lot of visiting! Here are MOST of the YSA's that attended the event...(L toR): Elder and Sister Jensen (YSA leaders), Mikolaj and Katie (Instructor and wife), Kristina, Karol, Dorota, Marta, Dominik and Nina. I was a very nice night! We love our YSA's....they have great goals and know what to do to have a bright future in the gospel!

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